Saturday, June 30, 2012


I pieced star blocks yesterday.
YOUR stars!!!

So far there are THREE quilts tops!
Woo Hoo!!!

Thank YOU for being so generous.

IF I receive any more blocks before July 1
I'll JUST have to make these quilts

Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Somethings

Orphan blocks....

leftover "kitcheny" fabric....

More orphans.....

Make TWO sets of little somethings....
for special somebodies!!!!


Orphan blocks are about 9x9"
I used old towels for the inside.
I sandwiched.
I quilted.
I bound.
I'll add a cookbook........
and have a GREAT GIFT to give!!!


Thank you SO MUCH for all the great advice
You're sending me
about HEAVY QUILTS!!!!

I'm still in the thinking stages and
appreciate ALL your suggestions

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Special Request

When I asked my son about his graduation quilt...
he requested two things:

I bet you're scratching your head about the heavy part...right?

It's simple.
Many years ago I made him a quilt.
He loves it.

The problem is...
I used a blanket for batting on that quilt...
and quilted it VERY sparingly.
I basically TIED it with machine stitching.

He LOVES the weight of that quilt...
REALLY wants a HEAVY quilt!!!!

What's a mother to do???

You got it.....
I've got to search HIGH and low
for a heavy blanket.
I have to figure out how to quilt
a HEAVY blanket.
I'll let you know how it goes.

I DID try super HARD to talk him OUT of
the HEAVY part of this request...
but to NO AVAIL!!!

At least I know YOU'RE cheering for me...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I finished a little mini quilt!
Isn't it sweet???
I didn't realize how much I'd LOVE it!!
All those SOLIDS really make me SMILE!

Since I'm sending this away...
I'll just have to make another one...
for me!
This will be going to The House Quilt Project.
A great program that is serving
Wounded soldiers
and providing housing through Habitat for Humanity.

When I'm not sewing...
I'm Harvesting
 trying to figure out WHAT to do with the HARVEST!

My husband has an amazing "city garden"
and we have an ABUNDANCE!!!

Lots of cucumbers...

That I used in this salad.

I even added fresh corn off of one of these cobs!
MMMmmmm....It was so good!

There are LOTS of smaller flowers to put on the table!

BIG ones to enjoy!

Some of these.....

that I barbequed on the grill.
As I've mentioned before....
I add zucchini/squash to almost every meal!!!

It's usually HIDDEN. ;)

Beets are a NEW vegetable in our garden this year...
and I think I'll request we keep adding them!!!
WOW! Are they great!

We'll soon have LOTS of these babies!!!!
Then you KNOW I'll be busy!!!!

Tomatoes grow by the bushelful....
and need to be DEALT with!!!

 Salsa, tomato sauce, Tomato sandwich....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giving Quilts

Do you make charity quilts?
Do you donate quilts to a favorite cause?

I invite you to join me on a NEW blog...
All about GIVING quilts!

You can share about your favorite charity.
You can share about your newest donated quilt!

Let's get together at

Monday, June 25, 2012


Here's a very simple round robin quilt..
I made all by myself!!!

(Typically round robin quilts are done by
a FEW quilters.)

I began with some leftover 3" squares.
Leftovers make yummy quilts. ;)

I added star points and some nine patches in the corners.
I wanted to use just ONE fabric in the four corners...
but didn't have enough of any ONE piece.
The 9 patches worked....
they just took a bit longer. ;)

Get the idea I was trying to speed through this one???
yes.....I was.

I pulled out my 3" leftover squares again....
and added a thin little border.

Leftover blues cut in 6" wide segments were next.
Super simple. 

Then my Favorite way to GROW a quilt......Quickly....
10" piano key border!!!!
That added 20" whole inches!!!

My queen sized quilt top is complete!
It was easy! quilt it!

Oh yeah.....FIRST....I need to piece a back......;/

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again

While I was gone at camp with the family...
I had a little time to sew.
During FREE time I pieced this blue star.
It's the beginning of a queen sized quilt
for a family member who requested blue.
LOTS of people like blue quilts
and my STASH is PROOF!!
The blues are getting mighty THIN!!!
A GREAT reason to shop for more...
wouldn't you say????

During the meetings at camp I worked on quilting this baby quilt.

I was able to get QUITE a few 16 patches done....
I'll go back later and fill in the white sashing.
Probably NOT the correct way to do it...
It made it easier to FOCUS on the conference..
and not fret about stitching lines.

Sitting RIGHT next to me was an expectant mom
who may receive this one IF she has a girl!!!

She admired it...
and I had fun imagining her baby using it
as I stitched AWAY!!!

I had planned on using light GREEN embroidery floss on this one...
but didn't like it AT. ALL. when I began using it.

The white quilting thread is JUST right...
and I'm so happy I had it packed!!!

Sometimes what you THINK will work....
I'm learning to be FLEXIBLE.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I'll be away from blogland this week.
Instead .....I'll be doing a little bit of hand quilting on this..

Maybe...... I'll get to set up a machine
and piece a few blue squares for a new quilt
someone's asking me for!

While I'm running after children..
having some fun in the sun....
and trying to sew a little bit....

The mailman will be doing some deliveries!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
I can't wait to begin piecing STARS!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This here is my very last Graduation quilt for this year!

It's for my son.
He wants a BLUE quilt.
That's it.
Just blue.

I wanted to add more color.
He didn't.

You can see I DID sneak in some tan, browns, greens....
don't tell.
I was also able to use LOTS of uglies.
Don't tell him that either.

He'll never notice.
I'm happy to be using up some of the scraps here

I made a HUGE mess building this quilt...'s not quite done.

I still need to add a bottom and a top.
He's TALL.
It needs to be a LONG one.

This quilt was a fun experiment.
I may try something like it again with PRETTY fabric!

The Graduation ceremony was last night.
I'm a proud mama.

He's my FOURTH child.
I home schooled the first four up until high school.
Three are now college grads...
and he's on his way there too!!!

All that HARD work paid off!!!
Homeschooling is not for the faint hearted.

This little boy arrived at my house as a 4 month old.
He was my first foster child.
Who knew I'd be his forever mom??
I'm blessed.

The Graduation party is TODAY!
Father's Day is Tomorrow!!!
A week away at camp is MONDAY!!!

tell me...HOW.....
am I going to have time to SEW?????

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outside Living

Every year I'm on a little HUNT.
Looking here and there for fabric
(preferably free)
to cover the patio furniture.

We do a lot of living out here...
and the fabric just DOESN'T survive the summer.

This waiting was NOT in VAIN!

This flowery fabric used to be a bedspread!
It was given to me
I love IT!!!

I also had acquired some heavy TAN upholstery fabric
 for the back of the cushions.
Yeah!!!  ;)

I love sitting out here with a cup of coffee in the morning...
 talking with family in the evening.....

Living outside is great!
You even get to DRAW on the floor!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Special finish

It's always a SPECIAL finish when the quilt is

I know. I know.
It's a baby quilt...
but it still makes me mighty proud to say it's

I looked high and low for some orange/gold fabric
for the binding.
It was NOT to be found at my house...
and I was NOT going to buy fabric just for the binding!!!!

Thankfully I started looking for other colors that might work...
and I think this blue polka dot turned out to be
Good thing I kept searching!!!

There have been a lot of baby quilts on this blog recently.
There will be MORE!!!

Many friends and daughters of friends...
and family members...and.....
are having babies!!!

I'm happy.
I like making baby quilts.
I may even HAND QUILT the next one...
We'll see!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Quilt Love

I love to quilt.
You  knew that.

I love little charm packs....
Especially the CUTE ones....
The ones that make GREAT baby quilts!

I love 2" Squares.
I love nine patches.

I love the way my 2" squares.....
made into 9 patches FIT perfectly
with my charm squares.


In a perfect world they DO!!!
I don't live in a perfect world...
so I trim a bit.

I love polka dots.