Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slow going

I am a pretty QUICK quilter...
but some things Just take TIME!!!
This quilt is ONE of them!!!
It's teaching me patience.
I surely need more of that!

These are my tools.
My Mission:
Get this one done for my daughter
before she gets married on
MAY 5!!!
I've committed my Thursday mornings to the task.
No MATTER WHAT I feel like doing!!!
Will it get done??
Inquiring minds would like to know... friends....
would I!!!!
I began this quilt way back HERE!!!
I am appliqueing each finished circle
onto a BIG (bed sized) piece of muslin.
I baste them on...
then I applique them on.
I am NOT following the directions.
Do I EVER????
That would be too EASY!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Work

Weaving with cotton strips.

Pinning an orphan block quilt.

Arranging orphan blocks for a charity quilt.
This one includes a few from Cathy
(Thank you!)
who just sent me a nice big bunch
of orphans
NEEDING a home.


I LOVE this kind of work!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby blue

I pieced some soft flannel yesterday.
5" squares make such
a pretty and simple quilt!!!

It's FULL of friendly ducks and lambs...etc.
The white flannel sure sets of the pretty yellows and blues...
don't you think??

Can you see the quilting lines?
I used my free motion foot....
put the feed dogs down...
and "wiggled" down through
EVERY block.

I also LOVE a pieced back...
and this one is SO soft and pretty!!!
Sometimes quilts just
COME together!!!
The blue checked binding fabric 
was still laying out from my last project!!!
Isn't it perfecto???
The perfect size for a cuddle.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


You may know the old saying....
"when life gives you lemons...
you make lemonade."

This is my attempt at doing that.

These are the lemons.


Is my YUMMY lemonade.
I used my rigid heddle loom....
cotton thread for the warp
lots of 1 1/2" strips of fabric!!!
Tablerunner is 11"wide x 37"long


Thursday, January 24, 2013


This quilt must have been ALMOST done
when I put it away a few months ago!!!

It sure didn't take long to get it DONE!
It helped that I was stuck at home today
with a sick child.
A child that didn't need a nurse.
Just needed a day or so to let the cough
and sniffles calm down.

I'm calling this one my

The backing was purchased on impulse
a long time ago.
I love the way it goes with the green tumblers in there.

This is a comfort quilt.
Just the kind I LIKE!

It's full of old, new, ugly, cute,
green, blue, pink, purple.....
orange!, gold....

Next time
**cough, cough...**
I make a tumbler quilt...
I'm going to BEGIN with a GO cutter
and not a little plastic doohickey
that requires
rotary cutting.
rotary cutting.
and MORE

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Light and Dark

I pulled out an unfinished quilt today.
Is what I really SHOULD be doing.
I should get these quilt tops
sandwiched and quilted!!!
It was on my LIST to do this week!

Today...I need the peace and calm
of LIGHT and DARK.
Pick up a light.
Pick up a dark.
There is a serenity in quilting I love.
**I've added this post
work in progress wednesday.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday morning

On Saturday
I made more ring blocks with friends.
Silly me!
Didn't take ONE picture!!!

This quilt is growing!

So pretty.
Love these GREAT BIG blocks.
They're going to grow into a twin size
in NO time!

I also received some pictures from blogland friends.
Isn't this one wonderful???
All those different blues and reds!
Norece made it for Quilts of Valor.
The pattern is called BLUE skies
by Carrie Nelson.

Holly made this one last year for her daughter.
I LOVE the color palette she used!
If you're not tired of this block yet....
You need to pop over and see THIS ONE!
And I mean NEED TO!!!
It is an old one
using LOTS of half square triangles.
Have a GREAT week!
Hope you have some time to SEW!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

cool weather

We have a few of these little fleece blankets around here.
This one was a FREE gift for donating $$$.
It came in the mail to dear Motherinlaw...
and ended up at our house!

It sat around here....
and ONE day...
someone here was chilly!!!
The robe wasn't staying on quite right.
She has a little disability..
and robes can be FIDDLY things!!!
I did a little cutting....
a little sewing....

I invented a PONCHO!!
They used these in ancient times???
It felt like an invention to ME!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ring quilt

You can tell by now.
I'm stuck.
Totally stuck on this pattern.
I'm exploring ALL the possibilities!
See what ONE old quilt
can do???
Powerful.....let me tell you!
I'm going to call this version
my RING quilt.

I like this even better on point!
I bet there's a pattern for this one!
I didn't find it.
You know me....
have to re-invent the Wheel...every. time.

I used 3 1/2" squares and half square triangles.
For each "color ring"
I cut:
four 3 1/2" squares of a print
Two 4" squares of print
one 3 1/2" square white

Using my design floor
I laid out only the 3 1/2" square pieces.
This took a little concentration.
from design floor
to sewing machine in the other room
memorizing the two colors
 needed in the half square triangle blocks!
See how they're ALL different???
When I was done....
I was tired from walking back and forth
and my mind was SWIRLING!!!
In a perfect world...
My machine would be RIGHT next to the design wall!
Not TWO rooms away!!!
After getting them all lined up
I pieced them in rows....
and that's where I had to stop.
They're going to have to wait to GROW longer!
I have a SUPER busy weekend ahead.
I just needed to get them OFF
the design floor...IN ORDER...
before Miss Granddaughter comes to play today!
I'm happy to get that quilt idea OUT of my brain
even if it's NOT going to get finished
right away!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I've been struggling to make a decision!
I have a number of people coming SATURDAY
to help make quilt blocks for the high school seniors
at my church.
I needed to plan an EASY quilt block
for the girls quilts.
That OLD quilt in yesterday's post was the ANSWER!
I simplified the quilt block and setting.
MAde the blocks REALLY big....
I got going and ALMOST made a WHOLE quilt!!!!
Better stop and let others have some fun too....right?
Can anyone remind me what this quilt block is called??
I bet it has 9 patch in the name! ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's not often I run into an old quilt.
This week.
I did.
Love. all. those. old fabrics!!!

Not sure I would love sewing all those Y seams!!!




Definitely some INSPIRATION!!!
I didn't buy.
Pictures satisfied me..... THIS TIME!!!