Thursday, June 30, 2011

one block

I was able to make ONE block yesterday.
Last night, actually.
This block is from the 15 minutes blog.
A quilt along using "Made" fabric.

I noticed the how-to for the new block was just posted!

I now have FOUR!
Kind of fun, huh?
I DEFINITELY have enough scraps for this project!!!
I haven't had QUITE as much time to sew.....

because I've been
into this little corner.
I was squeezed out of my daughter's room.
I had kind of squeezed her out!
I'm so thankful sewing machines are portable!!!

I'm glad she's home!
Here's a little blog about her journey home.
I was jealous the whole time she was traveling!!!
I love a GOOD CAR TRIP!!!!

Now ALL the kids that could be home are home.
I"m going to enjoy every minute of it!!!
Because I know....
that ALL the kids that are home...
won't be home much longer!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This little quilt top is finished!
3 1/2" squares...all lined up...
ready to be a sandwich!!!
+quilt top

I want to scallop the edges and
hand quilt this one.
Wondering what color thread I'll use.
Lime green?
I'm going to look at what I have in my stash!
I kind of like that perle cotton using a bigger stitch.
This is my next
TAKE ALONG project!
You know...
take along to the doctor...
take along to the meeting....
take along to the park.....
Hopefully no more
TAKE along to the EMERGENcy Room!!!!!

This quilt's special.
It's not every day I get to make a quilt
for the FIRST grandchild!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


I drink a lot of instant coffee...
sometimes buy salsa in bulk.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

a new beginning

A new project.
I always have so much FUN when a quilt is JUST beginning!
Don't you??

The new mommy's color choices are certainly stretching me......
(purple, lime green and brown)
So is this quilt BLOCK!!!!
Sewing that curved seam is not for the timid!!!
I've found that the center piece is too big
EVERY time I sew that little curved seam!
I'm just trimming it (squaring up the block)
after sewing it in there.
The little blocks are 3 1/2" square.

It could be I traced the template wrong.
It could be I'm awful at making things match up.
It could be many things......
I do know how to TRIM things down!
That's my secret!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

a winner

Congratulations Jessica!
Thanks to everyone who left a comment.
Wish I had the time to make one of these for
ALL of you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

emergency bag

I am SO glad I had this little project bag READY!!!
You never know when you're going to NEED a hand project!
My SOMEDAY quilt got some quality time today!

Because SOMEBODY at my house loves football.
He's o.k.
They're calling it a big ol' bad BRUISE...i.e......contusion.

Anyone know why young men
or anyone else for that matter.....
likes football???
I give him a hard time about it frequently.
What makes intelligent people want to
into each other???
I just

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coin purse tutorial and giveaway

I have a big boy, with some special needs, who loses things.
He tries to keep it all together....
It's hard.

Rather than go out and BUY another wallet....
I made a little coin purse instead.
Didn't cost me a cent!
It was so easy...
I know I can do it again when this one is
to be

Hopefully he'll keep it zipped up tight!

so that his precious treasure doesn't escape!!!

It was pretty easy to put together...
so I thought I'd share how I did it.
 Then...... I want to
give one AWAY!!


one 8 1/2"x6" piece of denim
one 8 1/2"x6" piece of lining fabric
one 3"x4" piece of plastic vinyl
One nylon zipper at least 8" long.

Sew the vinyl onto one side of bag.
Use your walking foot!!!!
I tried sewing it on WITHOUT and found out the hard way.
It didn't work.

Sew the zipper on.
Zipper face down.
Bag face up.

Fold the bag in half and do the same thing.

I doodled a little flower on with my
feed dogs down and my darning foot on.
I probably should have done it
BEFORE the zipper was on....but I didn't.

I thought the flower looked lonely...
so I added a little strip of fabric below.

Lay lining face down onto your bag.....
right sides are together.

sew along the top of each side.
Now.....fold the bag in half and leave zipper pull
IN THE MIDDLE of the top of the bag.
The zipper is half way open
half way closed.

Here's the little handle I wanted to add to the side!
Good thing I remembered it now.

Tuck that little handle in the side of the bag
SEW down each side.

Leave an opening here!

Trim the excess zipper.

Turn right sides out.
and sew along that opening.

I just did a simple top stitch.


I've got a membership card......

But no money.

I'd like to give this little bag away to one of YOU!
(without the membership card...of course)

If you'd like to win.
Leave a little note.
Say hi!
I'll pull a name out of the hat on Friday!!!!

Just a little something for being
my good neighbors here in blogland!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A whim!

I heard about an art show.
The entries would be in a gallery located in a nearby mall....
THAT was all I needed.
Wouldn't it be fun to have my art quilts hang in a busy mall
for a whole week?


I entered four of my smaller quilts...
On a WHIM!

A First place...

A Second place.

I'm smiling.

If you're in the Disneyland area this week...
The quilts are located in
1/2 block east of Disneyland.

This is my favorite painting from the show.
Isn't it beautiful???
Of course.....
paintings (and quilts) are always better...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Quilting BREAK.

I had to do QUITE a BIT of this....

I put on a pair of THESE.

Ignorance is BLISS!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The making of a quilt

This is my new quilt top....
Another one to add to the PILE of unquilted TREASURE!!!

A quilt sometimes begins with an experiment....

A question.....

An idea!!!!

How would it work to just sew some scraps right onto some paper
without marking???!!!

There were enough blocks to DREAM about a quilt....

Then.......there were enough!!!!!

Thought I'd STOP with this border....

But it wasn't QUITE right.

so I added another.

Quilts begin with only ONE block.

they GROW.....

And become something wonderful!!!!