Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pizza and Packing

It's summertime!...and we're having some fun!!!

when it's time to clean up!!!

The play tent is on the LEFT
the bag is on the RIGHT
What's wrong with this picture???

Who packaged this???
I bet the machine was HYDROLIC!

Packing away ANY kind of a tent
deserves a medal....don't you think???

I had some old fabric....nice and bright.
I'll be able to FIND it in the garage when I go looking!

It's times like this I'm SOooo thankful I know how to sew.

These little TABS are my favorite part!!!

Aren't they cute?

I know the new bag will take up more room....
but I'll be a MUCH happier


We had a great pizza last night....
Did I mention.....
I made it myself????
This recipe was recommended to me by a friend.
I'm So glad she shared...
so I'M sharing it with YOU!!!
Then.....we can ALL add:
"Able to make homemade pizza" to our RESUMES!!!!

And NO one will let on how easy it is....o.k.?
1 package yeast (.25 oz.)
1 teaspoon sugar
dissolve in
1 Cup warm water (110 degress F)

Let it stand until creamy.
about 10 minutes.

stir in:
2 1/2 Cups flour
 (I used 1 C. wheat and 1 1/2 C. white)
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt.

Beat until smooth. Let rest 5 minutes.

Turn dough onto floured surface and pat or roll into a round.
I divided the dough in half and rolled
RIGHT onto my baking stones...

Using this!
It worked GREAT!

Add your toppings.
(mine included leftover chicken, cheese,
peppers, onions and mushrooms)

Here's the adult pizza using meat and vegetables....

and here's the kid's pizza using just meat and cheese.
I did sneak in some mushrooms....
but can you believe it???
They noticed!!!

We even had some fresh lettuce from the garden...
Ready for salad making!!!!
Thanks to my husband!

Pizza and Salad!
The perfect meal.


  1. I know about the tent bags - love your solution, what a fun bag. And pizza and salad is a great family fun meal. Looks like you are enjoying summer.

  2. Tents and sleeping bags tend to be in the same packaging!! Love the idea of a new bag.

    That pizza looks yummy. I'll take a piece of the adult one.

  3. We did make-your-own pizza here this week Beth. Only, I bought the dough at Trader Joes.

  4. I love those moments when you are grateful you can sew! Or when you are stumped about something and say... "wait a minute... I can just sew this!" Great solution :)

  5. I just said to Eric last week that if he needs a bag to put our tent in, or other camping paraphernalia --I CAN MAKE ONE! Guess we're thinking along the same lines. I love yours - definitely easy to find :)

  6. The new tent bag will encourage lots of summer tent fun. I never thought about using parchment paper for pizza. Brilliant!

  7. Your tent bag is a brilliant idea!! I always have the some problem with sleep bags too.


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