Sunday, August 7, 2022

Monday making - a quilt show

This week I visited one of my quilts
Hanging in the Long Beach Quilt Show.
It is in an exhibit called "Life's a Beach"
and traveling around to different shows.
While I was there
I was inspired by the gorgeous quilts of yesterday.....
So beautiful!

Love these colors!

And I would love to copy this applique.

I am working away on my summertime sampler.
Block 4 is now up on my youtube channel.

IF I have time I would really like to make another
Sampler using some reproduction fabrics!
So many little time!

What are YOU making this week?

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Monday Making - a busy week in the sewing room

Idaho Beauty quilt block...

An almost finished (?) quilt top...
That I absolutely LOVE!

And a THRIFTY block for my summertime sampler quilt.

Yes! It was a busy week!
Busy is GOOD.

Everything is shared on my Youtube channel:

What are YOU making this week?

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Monday making - red lilies and a quilt along

This week I began a quilt using what I call...

I realize “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”...
SO this is MY idea of 
The most beautiful quilt block.

What is YOUR “most beautiful quilt block?”

I also added the second quilt block to my little

The propeller block.

My quilt is made up of all solids.
Oranges, greens, mustards....

Hope it all comes together as well as my imagination says it will!

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Monday making

I made a new chevron table runner this week.
It looks fabulous on my patio table!
Love the colors.

I also began a little quilt along on my youtube channel.

What are YOU making??

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Monday making - summertime sewing

It’s summer here!
I am enjoying the warm weather.
Every season has it's own beauty.
I've been alternating between the beauty outside
and sewing inside!

I love making useful things out of OLD things.

This little zipper bag is my most recent little project.
So simple.
So sweet.

I also worked on a new quilt block this week.
It is called Prairie Queen.
An oldie...but a goodie.
I love this soft 2 color version.

But scrappy blocks always make me happy!

What are you making this week?

Sunday, July 3, 2022

monday making - casseroles and more

This week I made a little casserole carrier.
I filled it with a few of the MANY, many plums
That filled our tree this year.

They are tasty alone...
 But I really LOVE them cooked with a tiny bit of sugar.

I also added an alternate block for my little sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks.

Some half square triangles and some hourglass blocks
All joined together made the sweetest little scrappy block.
It’s called “beacon lights”.

I share more details on my youtube channel.

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, June 26, 2022

monday making - sue and scrappy blocks

These little sunbonnet sues came to live at my house this week.
I found just SEVEN blocks at a local garage sale.

After laying them out on the floor...I decided I needed ONE more!
I wanted to make the NEW block as close to the originals as possible.
I added a little HOW TO on my youtube channel. 😊

Next up I need to figure out an alternate block
and make a QUILT!!

I also played around with this block.

It's called Crossroads and I sure do like the scrappy version.

The TWO color version is nice too.

Such a simple little block with SO MANY possibilities!!

what are YOU making this week??