Sunday, November 10, 2019

Monday Making

This month my quilting guild handed out bags of fabric.
The challenge was to make one charity quilt using the fabric in the bag.

This is the end result of playing with fabric in my bag.

I enjoyed using this mix of orange!
What a fun FALL quilt!


I cut the fabrics into strips 2-3" wide (width of fabric)
I sewed 3 strips together and cut them 3" wide on a 45 degree angle

I just sewed them into long sections before joining them in long rows.

Since the small strips were different sizes...
I did not match seams.

When they were all about the same length...
I straightened it up.

Very simple.
Not a lot of brain power.

MY kind of quilt. get it quilted before the meeting!

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Monday Making

If you didn't know it already...
There are a lot of quilts at my house.

This is the one I chose to throw on the floor for the visitors today.

Babies need a place to PLOP.

I made this one a few years ago using scraps found on the give away table
at a quilting class.
If I remember right...I did very little trimming.
I just sewed them they came.

(sorry I didn't get a photo of a baby ON the quilt)
Oh well.
I DID GET one with all the kids!

My heart is very full.
I had ALL the grand children here at the SAME time!

I made some memories today....

What are YOU making??

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Monday Making

Three clues to prove a quilter lives here:

Wall quilt.
Sofa quilt.
Sewing machine.


This is hanging in my sewing room
trying to GROW.
It stares at me, waiting for the day when I'll answer the question:

Should I continue making this block BIGGER???
Make some more blocks similar and sew them together??

Aah the wonderful scrappy kind of questions 
that keep our minds on HAPPY things!

What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Monday Making

Knitting is my side line.
It keeps my hands busy in waiting rooms and meetings.

I love this pattern that is so striking and so simple.
I found it HERE on ravelry.

These were made a few weeks ago for my twin grand babies
already TWO months old!

what are YOU making this week??

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Monday Making

Today I am quilting.

Every month I TRY to pick up a small charity quilt at my local quilt guild.
It gives me some practice quilting
and it also makes me feel good!

It feels good to give quilts away, right??

This pretty quilt was pieced by someone else.
I get to FINISH it!

What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Monday Making

In ONE week I FINALLY added the sashings and cornerstones
to my Sally Post Floral quilt.

The finished blocks had been sitting idle for a while now.

Drum roll please....
I BEGAN quilting.

Emphasis on BEGAN.    :)

Finishing a quilt top
and getting the quilting started in one week
is a minor miracle for me.

Let's not talk about how LONG it took to get 
all those appliqued squares completed.
I DO MISS that quiet evening activity.

What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Monday Making

I finished this quilt top recently
and almost forgot to BLOG about it!!

I love the way the solid strips pop out among
the old calicos.

Of course, the red pops are great too!!

It took me awhile to get it to the TWIN size it is now.

I had thought I'd add a border of some sort...
but decided to stretch it bigger with some more blocks!

That was more challenging...but I DO like the way it turned out.

What are YOU  making this week??