Friday, November 29, 2013

Holidays Homemade

When the turkey was eaten
and the relatives had all gone home....
We were able to get COMFY!!
Flannel pajamas!!!
Don't We all LOVE our flannel PJs??!

Here's the old pattern that I used.
It still works!

I had a little bit of this lace.
Tiny, tiny hearts.
It was JUST that special touch we needed!
There were also handmade touches during the day:

Here's the table BEFORE the meal....

and the hanging sign my oldest daughter made
using cardboard and fabric pulled from my

She also ironed and folded 17 of these.
Isn't it fun to use our
as we celebrate with family and friends???

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two things

My Quilt made for The Alliance for American Quilts
is now on EBAY.
"20" was the theme of this quilt contest.
The Eye Chart was my interpretation.
I painted the background fabric
adding lots of applique.
Felt letters, hand painted eye,
felt circles from an OLD, old felt wall calendar.
And of course..
Many of use need those to get that 20/20 vision!

I also made a small zipper pouch for a friend.
I have NO shortage....
repeat....NO shortage of small 2" squares!

But I had to cut some NEW ones for this little bag.
Sometimes there just ISN'T that one or TWO colors you WANT!!!

Writing a pattern to go along with my little project
made it even more FUN!
I'm OFF...
I need to get BUSY in the kitchen!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Neighborhood NEWS

Here's the FIRST arrival
at our Neighborhood party!!!
Are YOU coming???
I love this house.
The block walls.....
 Fireworks in the roof ....
a WELCOMING red door.
Megan sent hers in a standard envelope
and it arrived safe and sound with
just a single stamp.
If you'd like to come to the party
read up on the details here
and leave a comment!
Invite your friends!
Let's celebrate this wonderful place
A great place to quilt....
a great place to sew...
a GREAT place to SHARE!
Deadline for house blocks is January 1, 2014
(house block tutorial HERE)

Monday, November 25, 2013


Happiness is...
having scraps to play with.
Happiness is......

Sewing them ALL together!!!

Happiness is....
 getting emails and photos
from friends who have been inspired here.
(This small quilt was made using this post.)

Happiness is....
A daughter finding that ONE special PERSON!!!
Another wonderful son-in-law is in my FUTURE!!!
Feeling VERY blessed today.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Buying remnants (end of bolt fabric)
is KIND of like buying fabric....
but NOT QUITE!!!
(that's what I've been telling myself)
It's just a LITTLE piece....right?
I challenged myself with a YEAR of
NOT buying fabric.
I've slipped a few times..

and when I saw this 5/8 yard of fabric...
Should have NEVER entered that fabric store...
but I was helping a friend.
(excuses, excuses...I know!)

I didn't want to CUT up that cute fabric...
so I added some orphan blocks!!!
Oh my goodness!!
I love this quilt!!
Another one I want to KEEP!!!
But I have no little boys at my house.
They've ALL grown up!!
It happened SO fast!!
See what you can do with
The two were MEANT for each other!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The letter "P"

When life is PARTICULARLY busy/complicated....
I like to PLAY.
*If I don't want to feel GUILTY..
I call it a PROJECT!!!
Sounds a bit better
when I am explaining to family
why dinner is still not done.
 I frequently say....
"OOps!  Time got away.
I was working on my PROJECT." 

First I PULL.....



PROUDLY using the PROLIFIC orphan blocks.

It is the way I
the EVENTS of my life.
Quilting is a PLEASURE-filled activity!
It's also
(Another P word I LOVE!!!)
Any more P words to add to this POST???
Thanks for PLUGGING along with me...
I just CAN'T stop!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


I thought I was all done making things for Christmas.

DO a need a couple more stockings
since the kids are finding spouses
and having babies these days.

I was dragging my feet about acquiring new stockings...
Sort of wanted them to match the ones I have
and the ones I have were knitted by a GREAT aunt.
I'll never find a match!
Then..... I went to the THRIFT store.
One of my favorite shopping destinations!

I found a Bedspread.
The fabric is called "Matelasse".
Nice and thick.
Chunky and FULL of TEXTURE.

I knew JUST what I wanted to do with that bedspread!!!

There is SO much BEDSPREAD I can make
LOTS of stockings!!!
I'll put a couple in my shop and have enough left
for ALL the kids, Grandkids,
Friends of kids.....
Friends of friends...
and everyone IN BETWEEN!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas is coming!

I Designed a simple Christmas tree skirt this week.
Pulled the fabric.
Did some calculations.
Took LOTS of pictures.
This Christmas tree skirt was fun to make and design.
Instead of using batting in the middle.
I used just a heavy weight cotton.
This "quilt" is only TWO layers.
I ALMOST used some fleece!
I kind of like the LIGHT weight feel.
storage is always TIGHT
when it comes to all those CHRISTMAS decorations.
It won't take up much room at ALL!
 Well this is ALL I've done to prepare for the holidays.
And you know what???
I probably won't do another thing until
Thanksgiving is over and done!
I'll be scurrying around!!.....
Wondering why I WAITED!!!
 Pattern for this tree skirt is listed in my shop

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FOURTH annual Neighborhood party!

It's that time again!
Time to celebrate this AWESOME neighborhood
I call "Blogland"!!!
It's a GREAT place to own property.
Getting the blog address is fairly easy.
Neighbors are friendly.
There are even some FAMOUS people
that "live" here!
It's a place to connect.
A place to make friends.
A place to SHARE!!!
If you're interested in CELEBRATING
All you need to do is construct one house block.
12 1/2" square.
Send the block to me.
I will group the houses into neighborhoods
and THEN....
I'll let Mr. random generator help me choose some winners!!!
The winners will receive
9-12 houses each...
Kind of depends on how many come in!

Here are the houses from three years ago....
(seems like yesterday!!)
all SPREAD out in my house!!!
If you'd like to play along,
leave a comment.
I will email you my address.
There are NO firm commitments here.
If you decide later NOT to sew a little house...
That's o.k.....Life happens..... ;)
Add your blog address (if you have one)
or your name on the front with a fabric pen.
That makes it fun for the winners!!!
Deadline for these houses is
JANUARY 1, 2014.
LOTS of time!!!
I'm excited!
This will be the best PARTY ever!!!!
I look forward to
CELEBRATING blogland with YOU!!!
Please include email address if you are
a no reply blogger,
if you have no blog...
or are unsure!
I'd love to hear from PAST winners
and post about the finished quilts
that have been constructed with blocks won here!
Wouldn't those be FUN to see???
If you'd like to include a SECOND house block
for a charity quilt....
send it along!
I'll be constructing some charity quilts
and giving them to my local guild.
This REALLY IS the BEST neighborhood.
Let's CELEBRATE together!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


You know me.
My favorite fabric is called "SCRAP"
my favorite word is "DONE".
This quilt has them BOTH!
Thanks go to Selina
for sending me this UFO.

As I sat there wrestling quilting this one yesterday
Sophie sent me a comment.
A word that came at JUST the RIGHT MOMENT!
I love when blogland does that!
She sent me the word...
A gentle reminder.
I needed it!

I used some soft white and black prints for the back of this.
They're the last ones in my STASH!
I'm doing a pretty good job
USING what I already HAVE.
There was just a little bit more of that IKEA bird fabric too.
I almost DIDn't think to use it!
So GLAD I did!

Did some loopy quilting.
Found some GREENS for the binding.
It's the perfect cuddle size quilt!
A generous 65"x65"

Going to cuddle admire this one a BIT longer
before it finds a NEW home.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Gentle Reminder

I recently hung a quilt in my kitchen area.
Just a GENTLE reminder.

When MOM cooks you dinner...
she wants you to EAT it!
Normally it's a GENTLE reminder.
Once in a while I need to add
VOLUME and an exclamation point!!!
I had LOTS of fun making this quilt.
It began with an old white sheet.

Here are my tools:
*spray bottle with water
*acrylic paint (cheap paint from walmart)
*foam brush
*plastic bag under the fabric to protect table.
*paint palette (an old take home container)
*and the fabric

Painting fabric is easy.
For LESS defined lines
the fabric needs to be wet.

I Put some paint on my brush....

And took the PLUNGE!

The sea foam sponge adds some texture.

Here's my work area.....
Outside on the patio.

After the fabric dried
I added silverware and letters with iron-on fabric adhesive
some big stitches by hand
and BEADS!
The beads were collected
off of one of my older girls blouses
she was giving away!
Never underestimate
the value of GIVEaways!!!

I bet YOU have some ideas about
GENTLE reminders at your house too.
What would YOU make??
What would YOU say???
Just noticed!
This is my 1,000th post!
That's a LOT of talking.
That's LOT of quilting.
A LOT of listening by YOU!
Thank you dear friends!

Friday, November 8, 2013

FIRST project

Think back.
Remember your VERY first project?
The VERY first time you sat down to a sewing machine?
Your VERY first STITCH???!!!!
I was able to re-LIVE all that yesterday
with our newest sewing SISTER Candace!!!
She walked into my house
with a BRAND new machine...
(still wrapped up tight in the box).
We OPENED it up....
and the FUN began!
Where do the plugs go?
Where does the thread go?
What's a bobbin?
It goes backwards too?
We used my drawer of squares
for this fun little project.
(A small pillow for
her new little nephew.)
She thought she would need to buy
a pincushion
along with scissors, pins, etc.....
oh NO!!!
Don't buy that!" I said.
"I know how to MAKE one of those!!
It was FUN to share
my LOVE of sewing
with a FRIEND!
I'm adding this post to a
couple of linky parties
here and here.
Not technically MY finish...