Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday finishes

I finished this small sweater/vest recently for my 12 year old.

She's happy to wear it...
I'm happy it FITS!!!
UNLIKE sewing...
You NEVER really know until it's ALL done and
OFF the needles!!

The pattern is here.
Many of the Ravelers added cast on stitches to make it fit an adult.
I hope to try that soon.
SO many PROJECTS I want to make......

While I was knitting...
the nurse who has been working with me was crocheting THIS!!!
She dug through my stash of yarn
and came up with this wonderful blanket!

It was made with a basic crochet stitch and then
the BRIGHT colors were chain stitched FIRST and then woven through.

She finished it off with a bright blue border to hide the woven ends.

I am SO tempted to copy this project!!!

Happy Friday!
Hope the weekend brings you TIME to MAKE!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Monday Making with little pieces

Little tiny half square triangles are so much fun!

One minute I was piecing these leftovers together....
Next thing I knew....

I had a FINISHED project!

One little pincushion with a small ribbon attached for 

Anyone else have trouble picking up the pincushion
WITHOUT injury
 due to PINS haphazardly sticking out in ALL directions???

That little grabbing ribbon is going to SAVE me!!

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monday Making

What are you making this week??

I'm getting to the very end of a small vest for my 12 year old.
The pattern was written for a one skein shrug...
but I found lots of knitters had lengthened it
and made it more of a vest.

The pattern is HERE.
A whopping 1439 people have made it! 

I'd LOVE to be quilting...!!!
but life has me away from home more frequently these days.

Knitting is so much easier to manage.

Link up and share any creative pursuit.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Purple Please

A quilt is NOT a quilt until it's quilted....
and the binding is ON!!

I can NOW say.....'
These are QUILTS.
In the sewing realm...
binding seems to be ALL that I accomplished this week.

These are graduation quilts for two girls who requested Purple.

I wasn't sewing a whole lot...
but I WAS cooking.
I found a scrumptious recipe
in the Weeknights with Giada cookbook
borrowed from the library.
Aren't library books FUN????

It's called tomato-basil bread pudding.


 it's day old bread, shallots, fresh basil, tomatoes, 
salt/pepper, cheese (parmesan), garlic and
and egg/milk mixture.

Does anyone else knit as they eat??
Or is it...
Eat while you knit???
(I'm trying to knit a vest for my 12 year old)

I realized as I was writing this post...
that my quilted an knit projects MATCH!!!

I do NOT do much with purple....
but I guess this week I DID!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Monday Making

When someone comes to lunch and brings a small loom...
makes MULTIPLE potholders as you visit....

You KNOW you've found a KINDRED spirit.

Weaving on a small loom and knitting
are so PORTABLE!!!

I'm in the middle of a knitted wrap
called a SAIL.

I was inspired to make it after seeing

Mine is not as pretty.
ah well....
I AM happy to be using yarn
that came to me via THRIFT shop.
I can't complain when

What are YOU up to this week???

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Putting scraps to good use

Life is GOOD.....
when there are enough scraps to cover the GUEST bed

enough left in the scrap basket

To weave a GIFT!!

Life is GOOD when there are PLENTY of scraps!!!

Scrap quilt made a few years ago using 2" squares.
It was QUITE an accomplishment for me to
make it QUEEN sized!!
As I was speading it out today...
I thought..
"maybe I could make another???"
Crazy thought!!!!

I made the table runner this week for an upcoming wedding.
I LOVE all the color in this one.
It goes so nicely with all the spring flowers that are filling my garden beds.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Monday making

Do you drag your feet a bit when a quilt needs to be quilted???
I do.
Once I get going....I'm fine.
It's getting that backing done....
making the quilt sandwich......
And finally sitting down and figuring out WHAT to quilt!

Will it be I'm doing here???
Or a simple loopy all over pattern???
(that's MY doodle)

I've started quilting this quilt!!!
Just need a few more hours in my day to get her DONE!

What are you working on this week???

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fabric and pots

When you shop at second hand shops...
You find things!!!

It's tempting to PURCHASE unneccesary things....  ;/

I LOVED this quirky quilt top.
THis time....
I only kept a PICTURE!
It is definitely inspiration for my next quilt!!!!

I DID bring this home though.

Brand new and ready to be used.

During the day I play with fabric....
at night I play with POTS.