Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bright and Happy

Three months ago a little one came to stay with us for a season.
(we're foster parents)
It took me TOO long to make him his OWN quilt!

It was NOT for lack of materials.

This is a fun HAPPY quilt....
Big enough to GROW with this little boy.
I can even call it EDUCATIONAL.

Aren't those alphabet letters cute??

I love bright happy quilts for kids!
don't you??

Sunday, March 27, 2016


I've been weaving!!

Taking those leftover strips
and using some of that UGLY fabric
that "snuck in" to my stash!!

I love these woven table runners
that "SPRING" from the trash bin in my sewing room!!

This table runner was made using
a rigid heddle loom
Warped with cotton crochet thread
and then woven with strips of fabric about 1 1/2" wide.

Weaving is therapeutic
it USES UP all that stuff that FILLS my sewing TRASH BIN!!
win. win!!!!

What are YOU up to this week???

Sunday, March 20, 2016

monday making

Spring is HERE!!
It was the perfect week to go camping!!!
and ....
I had the perfect project!!

This is an old old quilt that needs some hand quilting.
Someone a LONG long time ago began ....
I will FINISH!!!
My spring break camping trip seemed like
the perfect time to work on this beauty.


This old quilt stole my heart when she was gifted to me.
I love her imperfect patchwork.
I love her color - oranges and blues with some red!
I love ALL her vintage fabrics!!!

What are you making this week???
Maybe you're finishing someone else's work like me......????

Sunday, March 13, 2016

monday making

It's time for MONDAY MAKING!

What are you making this week??

I'm hoping to get some reds and whites together.

These are leftovers that need to be USEFUL!

 No matter HOW many leftovers I HAVE
How many leftovers I USE...
The leftovers NEVER seem to disappear.
I bet you know what I mean.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Small Quilts

Here are two more small quilts for an upcoming auction.
I like to call them table mats!!!
I imagine them sitting in the middle of the table
with a nice pot of flowers on top.
Maybe they'll be wrapping up a much loved doll.
As long as they're being used....I'm happy!

In the first one I used two lovely hand pieced orphan stars
two stars that I made to match.
They didn't match exactly...
and that's the CHARM!

You just never know what will happen when you CREATE!

The outside triangles were leftovers from a mistake in construction.
They add the perfect TOUCH!!!
don't you think??

Mistakes are just the jumping off place for me!!!

The second small quilt contains the last FEW precious scraps
from a quilt I made a few years ago.
I LOVED the fabric that went into it.
Hope someone will love these blues as much as I DO!!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

baby sweater

I finished a sweater today!
Woo hoo!

I DO believe I have a slight baby sweater addiction.
I've been making them....
I've even given a few away!!!

This pattern is on ravelry.
Garter Stitch Baby Jacket
by Nancy elizabeth designs.
I added ribbed stitches to the bottom 
and the sleeves.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday Making with scraps of flannel

What are you up to this week?

I spent time with this face ALL weekend!
What a pleasure.

Grandma had just a LITTLE bit of fun with the camera!!!

You wouldn't know it from that happy face....

but she tends to spit up QUITE a bit.
Burp cloths are a necessity.

My flannel scraps came in handy!!!

So happy to have ALL the supplies ready to GO!!!

These burp cloths are NOT uniform.
Oh no.
They were constructed with WHATEVER size scrap I had on hand.

And I DO have SCRAPS of flannel!!!

Oh YES I do!!
How about you???

I made these little cloths VERY quickly...
I wanted to HOLD that dear face as MUCH as possible!!
Sewing and holding are not compatible activities!!!

Link up and share about what YOU are making this week.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Christmas in March

A Christmas table mat in MARCH!!!
It's never too early to make something for DECEMBER!
(the fabric doesn't look like Christmas until you're up CLOSE)

These lost little orphans came together
and became another sweet project!!

I quilted this one simply....
running through the seams
in the traditional STITCH IN THE DITCH style.

It sounds like an EASY way to quilt...
but actually it takes some 
to stay IN that ditch!!!