Sunday, March 20, 2016

monday making

Spring is HERE!!
It was the perfect week to go camping!!!
and ....
I had the perfect project!!

This is an old old quilt that needs some hand quilting.
Someone a LONG long time ago began ....
I will FINISH!!!
My spring break camping trip seemed like
the perfect time to work on this beauty.


This old quilt stole my heart when she was gifted to me.
I love her imperfect patchwork.
I love her color - oranges and blues with some red!
I love ALL her vintage fabrics!!!

What are you making this week???
Maybe you're finishing someone else's work like me......????


  1. A great quilt. I'm sure it'll be well loved xx

  2. I love that top! Don't you wonder about its maker while you are taking stitches? ;).

  3. sooo nice to finish something for some long ago quilting sister...a labor of love for sure...

  4. That is so beautiful! It will be amazing !!

  5. Funny thing is, I AM finishing someone else's work! I'll link up.

  6. That quilt just screams "Vintage" and deserves to be saved! You're doing a good job of rescuing her!

  7. It was the perfect week for camping. That is a great quilt to take along for the journey too. I'm glad it is being loved all over again.

  8. Beautiful quilt! Enjoy your spring break camping trip.

  9. Yea to you for finishng hand quilt this one.

  10. Good for you for finishing the old quilt. I love old quilts like that. I can see some patterns in it too. I always wonder about the history of the quilt and its maker.


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