Sunday, October 28, 2018

Monday Making

This week I was able to add some borders to this quilt.
My daughter requested this quilt top
(made a few years ago)
when "shopping" in my PILE.

I knew it needed to be bigger.
Borders to the rescue!

It is ALL sandwiched UP 
ready to be quilted!!
And..... I'M READY 
for a wrestling match!!!

That's essentially what it is FOR ME
when quilting anything bigger than TWIN size.
What are YOU making this week??

Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday Making

One of my granddaughters turned ONE this week!!!
I know.
It happens SO FAST!

I really wanted to give my little one year old
something HANDMADE!
I made her a dress.
A very simple dress.

I had an old vintage piece of linen
in my stash that was PERFECT 
for this pattern!!!

I LOVE the way it turned out.

I used this pattern as my 
"jumping off" place.

And since this little one lives far away...
It's a MIRACLE it FITS!!!


What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Monday Making

Not only do I have FABRIC stash...
I also have a YARN stash.
It has to be DEALT WITH occasionally.

I have to put forth some effort in DEPLETEING
all that yarn!!

All those little yarn balls have to BECOME SOMETHING!!!

This is my little effort towards that goal.
A little something.
A small move in the RIGHT direction.

I'm USING yarn
and not

(This is a toddler vest I'm working on
similar to the one in this post)

What are YOU making???

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Monday Making

This week I will attempt to make progress on this old UFO
handed down to me.

The 16 dresden plates were sewn together...
but had not been appliqued.
I have finished six and today I was able to play around with CIRCLES.

What color will I use??
I also did some mock ups with some border strips.

Lots of quilty thinking ahead. 
My FAVORITE kind of think to THINK!

I am using 12" background squares.
A variety.

I fold them in half twice and press.

Then I center the dresden plate
and use a BIG stitch on my machine 
to baste it down.
Just two lines.
It's been working just fine.

I am doing needle turn applique all the way around the outside.

I will THEN go back and add the centers 
when I decide what color(s) I will choose.

I kind of like the mix of GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW
I have chosen so far!
What are YOU making???