Sunday, January 13, 2019

Monday Making

It's been a very GOOD quilty week.

I made the first of TEN table mats
for a spring retreat auction.
I used four orphan star blocks and added the four patches
to separate them.
I love the scrappy FEEL of it.

I also brought this old vintage quilt home with me.
No one else at the guild meeting seemed interested.
Am I the only one that loves quirky simple quilts?
This one has that MAKE DO quality I adore.

Oooh! I love the exquisite handmade beauties too!

I finished this quilt top!

It was a very GOOD quilty kind of week.

Now it's time for a link up.
How will YOUR quilty week go?
Making anything??

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Monday Making

This is what I want to do this week.
Sit down.
Thread a needle...
And get ALL the leaves on this quilt!

Some are appliqued on.
Some are still flopping around under pins.

The kids go back to school tomorrow
There's HOPE!!!!

What are YOU making
or HOPE to be making this week?????

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Call me Ms. Thrifty

My family will tell you my frugality is pretty extreme sometimes.
My thriftiness can be laughable.

I wash and reuse plastic bags.
Of course I do!
I clean and save all the glass jars...
It's getting crowded on that shelf!
I save plastic containers from fast food
to fill with homemade food when delivering to sick friends.
Why throw away perfectly good containers???
Plus....the friends don't then have to return MY pans.  :)

My daughter caught me reusing a piece of painters tape
with the word Spaghetti written on it to attach something else!!!
They ALL got a big laugh out of that one!

I try to reuse, repurpose, recycle as much as I can.

This little bag is an example.

I took my old zipper bag....
The one that holds the small essentials in my purse.

It was the PERFECT size.
The zipper still zipped!
The bag itself needed an update.

Instead of making a NEW bag....
I covered the OLD!!!

Yes. I did.

Why make a new one when the old one was so perfect
in so many ways??

That zipper needed to keep zipping!