Sunday, January 26, 2020

Monday Making

It's been a BUSY week here!!

I visited my small quilt at the road to California
Quilt show.

Added LOTS of half square triangles to my
Hospital sketches quilt!

After that....
I made plans for Graduation quilt SEWING DAY!
To be held next month.

Everyone who comes will make the 16 patch block.

If you SEW, then you know that not ALL the 16 patches will be EQUAL.
Especially since many who come don't sew very often.

I thought by adding the corner triangles
I will be able to get them ALL uniform in size.
And no one will have to stress about making their's PERFECT!

It will be FUN way to get the quilts made as a group!

I also uploaded a new HOW TO on youtube.
Always challenging...and a bit scary....
but always FUN.

This week I hope to clean up the MESS all of that activity created.

What are YOU making this week?

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monday Making

I am working on a fun project this week...
Adding saw tooth borders ALL around my

There are NINE total blocks.

I am loving the look!

What are YOU making this week??

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Fun

Remember this one?

Going back in my files
I found this FUN - super simple beauty.

I made it using donated fabrics for a high school senior.

Gotta LOVE scrappy!!!

The dark and lights make it all work.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Monday Making

My sewing table has been busy!

I am trying to get ALL the 10 or 12 table mats made
(for an upcoming retreat)
before some other deadlines appear.

This hourglass mat is almost DONE!
The little squares are all 2" before sewing them together!

And IF you want to know what trimming them all looks like....
Take a peak here------

I have been happily using a handmade bag
my daughter made me for Christmas!

I'm a proud mama of a MAKER!

My son....
NOT "much" of a maker
gave me an instant pot.

Guess I'LL be MAKING!!!
What do YOU make in your instant pot??

What are you making this week??
Link up and share.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Monday Making

When you're MAKING...
You NEED a BIG mess of color
RIGHT next to you!!


This little quilt is a TABLE MAT.
(still needing to be quilted)

Every year I make a few to be auctioned off 
at a women's retreat.

I love making these little scrappy quilts!

What are YOU making this week?

Is your mess as messy as MY mess???