Sunday, November 22, 2020

Monday Making

I am exploring the King's Cross quilt block....

inspired by this OLD quilt.

It's good for me to get my brain cells  moving
as I try to figure out the quilt block.

I found some tutorials for a 12" block.....
But I wanted a smaller version.

I posted a youtube tutorial HERE.

I'm also working on some applique borders.
The hospital sketches quilt needed a little more "something"...
so I'm enjoying some slow stitching and
 adding a little more applique to the quilt.

What are YOU making this week?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Monday Making

No. It's not spring here.
Is it there where you are?

It's time to be thinking winter. snow. ice.

But I'm over here making spring flowers.

What are YOU making?

The flowers will be used in a future table mat.
I make a few small quilts (table mats)
for a yearly retreat.
We'll see if there will BE a retreat next year!

Looks as though it may be cancelled again.
I will continue to make quilts!!!
Pandemics can't stop THAT from happening.

Thank. goodness.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Monday Making

I was very happy to work on this happy scrappy quilt this week.
The block I call “square dance” and I love the way the strips of fabric twirl around.
And, of course, the fact that it's VERY scrappy makes me smile.

I also made a few scrunchies for the girls in my family.
I made just ONE out of velvet....and think I may make some more with some
Fancy or unusual fabrics!
You can probably guess my stash gives me a few options.
Wink. wink.

I pulled out some stripes and started this little quilt.
Stripes are one of my VERY favorite kinds of fabric!

Anyone else have a weakness for donuts??
I purchased a donut pan (like a muffin tin)


What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Monday Making

I am working on some paper piecing this week.
It’s been a LONG time since I tried this type of hand sewing.
I was in a hurry to pack the supplies as I was getting ready to visit my son and daughter in law.
The fabrics were chosen in a big HURRY!
This will be practice piece.
I’ll turn it into a table mat when it’s done. :)

I used a template to draw the diamonds on freezer paper.
Then I pressed the papers onto some scraps.
Once the freezer paper shapes were pressed on...
And the scraps trimmed with a selvage added...
I was ready to GO!!

All I need in this hand work bag Is the needle, thread and small scissors!!

What is your favorite way to prepare 
English paper piecing???
Do you use prepared paper shapes?
Plastic shapes??
I have TONS of freezer paper...
So I think I will continue to use this method.
A little more labor intensive..
But it’s FREE!!

What are YOU making this week???