Saturday, September 29, 2012

One more

One more block....
for this quilt that's growing!
How big will it get???
Queen sized??
I sure hope so!!!
One block at a time.....

I pulled out my bear's paw quilt
because I received a nice package of vintage fabric
from Carol.

It's just what I wanted to add to my quilt!

This blue is ESPECIALLY nice!

I'm also loving this print!

And aren't these lovely??

Carol's fabric came at just the right time.

I need some sewing therapy today.
You know what???
I think that's ONE really good thing about UFO's.
They're RIGHT there waiting...
Waiting for that moment when we NEED to sew.
The decisions (pattern, color, etc.) have been made....
Maybe some of the pieces have even been CUT!
All we need to do is SIT down and

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sewing Room in MINIATURE!

While settling into our new trailer...
I decided the FIRST order of business was to stake my claim!

I needed to Find a small area that I could call my "sewing room"!!!
This small table and chair fit perfectly.....
but I needed an ironing board!

Hmm......This looks like an opportunity!

All it needed was an ironing board COVER!!!
I made a sort of fabric pillow case.....
and filled it with some batting that has heat resist foil in it.

I added a casing and elastic!
Now it's PORTABLE!

After getting my sewing space fitted up....
I finished this quilt top for an upcoming wedding gift.
I'm hoping to embroider the new couple's last name
and the wedding date in one of the white areas.
We'll see......

I made a couple of potholders for gifts.

I had packed so many scraps....
that I had enough to make some more for ME!!!
Last, but not least, I worked on a little girls dress.
Clothing construction is so FIDDLY!!!
Ah well.....
When things got rough.....
I just walked out the front door....
Took a DEEP breath....
and FELT the peace of nature
ALL around me!!!
Camping and Sewing
WERE definitely

Monday, September 24, 2012

Camping Quilt

This old friend...
One of my very first quilts....

Fit perfectly.....

In my new Home away from Home!
The surroundings are peaceful
and the weather was perfect this past weekend!!!!

There were even some berries to pick
a hop skip and a jump
away from my front door!!!!
I'm heading back today
to set up a mini sewing corner!!!
There will be peace and quiet
and a little HUM as I sew along!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ugly fabric. Ugly Yarn.

If this corner of blogland is quiet the next couple of days....
It'll be because I'm OFF!
I'll be getting to know our new travel trailer!

I'll be walking around on my NEW RUG!!!

Hand WOVEN on my LOOM!

I used up some of my OLD. UGLY.
Why do I even own this yarn???
Not sure.

I also used some

So happy to find a USE for this yardage
that doesn't do ANYTHING AT ALL for me!!
Why do I own it??
Not sure about that one either.

the pepper fabric is not that bad looking..
especially in the photo.
It's a VERY CHEAP cotton
and I've become "fussy" in what I quilt with these days.

I pieced 1 1/2" wide strips into VERY long
skeins of "yarn".....

and ended up with THIS!!!!

That didn't turn out ugly....
UGLY YARN....and....
UGLY fabric!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Green and White

I was up early today.

After getting my 2 younger ones on the bus at 7 am...
I sat down and began stitching!

The PERFECT way to begin my DAY!

I had a pile of Half Square Triangles
that needed some ATTENTION!

Since it was early...
I added a cup of coffee!

Amazing how fast rows come together
when you begin at the CRACK of DAWN!

The WEATHER was also cooperating today!
A MAJOR plus!
I opened the door
and let the cool breeze blow in through the screen!

SOooooo much different than just a couple of days ago
when the heat was suffocating!

I now have ALL my rows ready!!!
Next I'll be pinning those rows together  (ugh!)
and getting
Woo HOo!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The other side

The backing is my favorite PART!

I love the way my leftover 2 1/2" strips and pieces
look on the backing of this baby quilt.

Planning is not my strong suit.
Thankfully MY kind of quilts don't usually require
a plan!!!

It's always fun to see what happens!

These leftover strips made me VERY happy
Pieced in the back the way they are!

They're What I call
a SIMPLE pleasure!!!

The binding is fun too!

This one is bound and given.
It's Monday....
What project should I pull out and work on.....
or BEGIN today???

I DO love beginnings....
but KNOW that I have some "beginnings"
that haven't ENDED yet!!!
I should REALLY work on one of those!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Shower!

I attended a wonderful baby shower today!
There were vintage books and toys....

Some terrific fabric.....
That I'm going to be searching for soon....

There were new books that looked vintage...
but weren't.

And new books that were
DEFINITELY NOT vintage....

There were the HOMEMADE gifts.

Aren't these booties ADORABLE?

A knitted afghan made by one of the Grandmas.


A small afghan made by a teenager!
This one just BLEW me AWAY!
It was so soft and sweet!

A little bunny rabbit....
Lying on top of an original print by
one of the new mom's friends!

A quilt from another Grandma....

A Quilt from ME!!!

Baby showers...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Warm and bright!

Here's Angela's DUMP and SEW far!!
Don't you just love the colors???
She sent me a picture...since she doesn't blog.
How sweet is that???

Helen also did some dumping and some sewing!
Woo Hoo! For STRESS FREE quilting!

Try it.
You may like it.

***You might want to use SOMEONE ELSE's scraps.
After talking to a friend today...
I realized the scraps we recieve from "someone else"
don't hold as much MEANING!
it's sometimes easier to sew them together...