Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Change of plans

I'm stitching lines today.

After I set this all up to make a new corduroy camping quilt.......
I realized.....
There's NO NEEDLE.

Oh yeah.
It broke the last time I used this machine.
When you're camping.....
You don't head over to the sewing supply cupboard.
You pull out another project!  ;)

Happy sewing!
I'll have to make another corduroy quilt NEXT time.

Friday, July 25, 2014


When my friend showed me this quilt top made by her grandmother.....
I told myself......"you have the right kind of friends!"   ;) the fabrics!
Can you see how strips were sewn on a thin muslin foundation?
That's my kind of quilting!
I am SO tempted to work on something like this......
Oh my! When am I NOT going to be tempted to BEGIN something?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Any which way

It's cute......whichever way you look.



Upside down.......

A special teacher gift made from these thrifted pajamas.
The hedgehogs were spied and I knew I'd find something to make with them someday!

Do I love the thrift store??
Yes I do! 
Let me count the ways!
Another little gift made using this method:  Little zipper bag.
I love giving little SOMETHINGS away.  ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This post will complete my quilt along info.
I'm finally adding the CAR "how to".
Life's demands don't always fit into NICE neat little boxes.
Thanks to those of you who waited patiently for this last step!

To begin my car I cut some windows.
Windows were cut 2" high and  2plus" wide
Back window on the left is only about 1 1/2" wide.
Window on the right was angle cut.
I don't do a lot of measuring.
I cut and piece.
I have some FUN!
As I go along I trim to get the edges straight.
The other thing is...
I like to USE UP the scraps
as I go along.
If a SCRAP is CLOSE to the right size...

I added red strips. (about 1" wide strips)


The car doors began here.
green doors are 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" (about)
Here are the two pieces together.
I forgot to take a photo of adding the red ROOF
to the car....
and WHITE strips on either side.
I BET you can figure THAT ONE out....right?

I added long RED strips the same height as the doors.

Sewed it ALL together and TRIMMED off the back of the car
 at an angle.

Added a WHITE piece behind the car.

I used a CHALK pencil to draw the wheel well areas.

Found a nice LONG WIDE piece of background fabric.

With RIGHT SIDES together....
marked where the wheels are with my chalk pencil
(just a little white mark)
leaving a WIDE piece of background (1 1/2"?)
This LARGE inseam will be needed for appliqueing
my wheel wells.

Sewed my car to the background leaving
OPENINGS where the wheels are.
(that's what the little white Chalk marks were for)

Opened it up.
See my WHEEL wells??
cut little slits in the fabric UP TO the chalk mark.

Turned the raw edges in along the curve and pinned.

Made some YO YO wheels.
I will applique the wheel wells and yo yo wheels.
Added a TREE to the TOP of the car.
I hope not.
I hope you can PLAY with your fabric
and CREATE a car that is ALL YOUR OWN.
This is just a basic outline of how I DID IT.
After getting ALL the elements pieced together...
I added some appliqued lines for a "ROAD".....
 a nice checkerboard border using 2" squares.
My quilt top is DONE.
It measures 59"x68"
Bigger than I imagined it would be when I began this project.
I want to THANK those of you who have been
PLAYING along with ME!
Our progress is over on flickr .
I LOVE seeing all the variations on this quilt!
I want to thank Julia Rothman
for allowing me to use her design as a
JUMPING off place!
She inspired me!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Homemade and happy

Found this cute homemade dress at the thrift store.It's homemade........
And we're HAPPY!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Love harvesting vegetables from the garden.
This little bunch doesn't overwhelm me.....

But......THESE bunches do!
Last year the grape harvest exceeded my
ENERGY level.
We'll see how this year goes!
My husband is trying to help keep the work at BAY
and has dried TWO BATCHES of raisins already!

LOVED finishing up the border on this one today!
All those 2" squares give this quilt some pizzazz!
I wasn't AT ALL sure how big this quilt would get.
It was ALL a work IN PROGRESS.
Amazingly enough it's ALMOST a TWIN size!
It'll be SUPER fun to throw this over one of the kid's beds this Christmas!
It DOES need to be quilted first!

This baby sweater, finished last week,
gave me CONFIDENCE I could maybe knit something for MYSELF!

I'm THIS far and
STUCK already.
HERE I come!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Christmas in JULY

I am SUPER excited about how my Christmas quilt is coming along!
The TOP is almost ALL DONE!
Think I'll add a checkerboard/cobblestone border
to finish it OFF!

This traveling car makes me SMILE!
(Ignore the pins and strings.)  ;)
 I still need to applique the "road" on.

I tilted my snowflakes.

I cut big squares in half.

added the triangles first here....

and then here.

Tilted it JUST a bit
and trimmed.

Woo HOO!
I'm going to be READY for Christmas this year!
A couple of you are quilting along with me on this one.
The car "HOW TO" is coming!
Just need a few more hours in my day.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Soft and Light

This receiving blanket is just 2 pieces of flannel.

I tried to make it special by hand stitching around the outside...

and adding some FUN ribbon loops to the side.
I call these "LOVING touches".
This little blanket measures 40"x40"
Soft and cuddly.
A "quilt" for these HOT summer days.
Fabrics used were both Robert Kaufman....
Different designers:
Bonny bloom by Lesley Grainger and Nordica by Darcel Phillips.
When I bought them I thought they were the SAME designer.
After googling them....
I THINK the blue birds were designed for a Christmas line of fabric.
The baby will never know.
Here's the HOW TO video...
if you're interested.  ;)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet Sweater

I've finished a SWEET sweet SWEATER.
Super tiny.
Super CUTE!
The beautiful yarn was purchased 1/2 price
at a fancy yarn shop.
(yarn is classic elite, liberty wool)
There was only ONE ball, of course.
But I bought it ANYWAY!
I added some PINK from my stash to the sleeves
and some more to the bottom.
I LOVE the way this project turned out.
to figure out how to do some kind of closure on this thing.
The pattern is called
It took me that long to READ/FIGURE out the knitting LINGO!
Knitting patterns are written in
a language I haven't MASTERED yet!
there's so much COUNTING!
That slows me down sometimes.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!
I am.
The Barbecue is BUSY at my house
and we eat OUTSIDE every eve.
Zucchini, hamburgers
and Eggplant burgers for the adults!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Little zipper bags

In MY life...
There's ALWAYS something to make for SOMEBODY!!!
My friend has a birthday tomorrow.
I've given her a quilt...
a bag....
a table runner....
another bag....
The years are flying by and her birthday comes EVERY year!
I'm running OUT of ideas friends!
I have more than ONE friend who has a birthday every YEAR.....
Believe it or NOT!

I made two zipper bags this year.
Sort of matching bags.  ;)
I'll add a couple of little things.
A pretty plate?
While making the second bag
I uploaded a new video.
I have a quite a few friends that don't sew.
I want to show them how DO-ABLE sewing is!
I'm a beginner at youtube.
There are mistakes.
There are funny "I can't see that" moments!
Oh well.
It's done.
Just another PROOF I'm NOT a perfectionist.
I'm a GET IT DONE kind of girl.
It's done.
That's always what counts in MY book.