Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Love harvesting vegetables from the garden.
This little bunch doesn't overwhelm me.....

But......THESE bunches do!
Last year the grape harvest exceeded my
ENERGY level.
We'll see how this year goes!
My husband is trying to help keep the work at BAY
and has dried TWO BATCHES of raisins already!

LOVED finishing up the border on this one today!
All those 2" squares give this quilt some pizzazz!
I wasn't AT ALL sure how big this quilt would get.
It was ALL a work IN PROGRESS.
Amazingly enough it's ALMOST a TWIN size!
It'll be SUPER fun to throw this over one of the kid's beds this Christmas!
It DOES need to be quilted first!

This baby sweater, finished last week,
gave me CONFIDENCE I could maybe knit something for MYSELF!

I'm THIS far and
STUCK already.
HERE I come!


  1. Love the flimsy. The checker board border is the perfect icing.

  2. Hi!!!!! Great gifts from the garden!!!!! Love the checker border!!!!! The car is awesome!!!! Youtube is wonderful!!!!! Keep having fun!!!!

  3. The Christmas quilt along flimsy looks awesome! I am so far behind though but you are inspiring me to finish. Please keep the instructions on for those of us who are behind. I hope to get done before or by Christmas! Thanks for doing this quilt along! Glory Be Quilter.

  4. The quilt top looks fantastic,,, I have got my snowflakes attached! And that cardigan is in my knitting queue.

  5. Love that quilt flimsy - the perfect depiction of a snowy day in the Christmas season!! Whoop whoop!!!

  6. That quilt is so cute. And the border makes it sing!

  7. Our grapes make raisins right on the vine... in other words they hide from view until they are raisins, and MMMMMMMMMM they are yummy.
    Love your Christmas quilt. Sweet.
    Can't help you with your sweater, but the baby one is grand, nice even stitches.

  8. I love your Christmas quilt Beth!!!!


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