Sunday, July 31, 2016

Monday Making

It's Monday and I'm beginning a quilt
BEFORE I finish a quilt.
Isn't that what we all do??

I was SO close to at least getting my tumbler quilt BIG enough
and then....
a baby shower invite came
and I was OFF!!!

Baby quilts are so much fun to make!!!

I'll finish my tumbler quilt another day.

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Monday Making

I'm making another tumbler quilt this week!!
This is a new layout for me
and I'm excited to see this quilt GROW!
I'm hoping to get it QUEEN sized.
Think I have enough scraps???

I cut a bunch of tumblers using my 3 1/2" plastic template...
Sew a bunch in sets of 4
and then cut a bunch MORE!!
In between I lay them out on the floor and ADMIRE.
I'm trying to alternate darks and lights....
As you can see my darks and lights are not STRONG darks and lights.
They are muted a bit.
I'm finding it hard to decide if some of these scraps are DARK or LIGHT!!
It'll be interesting to see how its turns out when It's nice and big!
I'm having fun working in the dining room this week.
It's nice to change sewing locations once in a while!
It means I have another MESS to clean up.

Here's another MAKING picture.
Lots of cucumbers in the garden means there are going to be
 some PICKLES in the fridge!
What are you up to this week??

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday making party again!
It's hard for me to believe that I've been hosting this for a year and a half already!

It's nice to pull out what I THINK I might accomplish in the coming week
and share about it.
It doesn't always get DONE...but that's o.k.

Hope it helps you too
as you prioritize your "making"!!
I don't always get around to visit you....
but I love the comaraderie in our MAKING!

I've always been a MAKER.
Homemade has always been my "GO TO" when it comes to gifts
and making a home for my family.

I've made dresses and pajamas as gifts.
And then....quilts...of course!

There has always been homemade curtains on the windows
and homemade chair covers in the kitchen at my house.

There are SO MANY, many things I want to make!!
A weekly goal is kind of nice.

This week I hope to put some stitches into this unfinished needlepoint I found at the thrift store.
I'm getting some hand projects lined up for the beginning of August
when my 20 year old has a surgery scheduled.
Long hours in the hospital demand hand work!!!

Link up and share what YOU're making this week!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Change of plans

At the very beginning of the week I thought I'd be quilting THIS quilt.
(blogged about Monday)
I quilted this beautiful Dresden plate.

One thing led to another...
and I changed my mind.

This is another vintage top that is in my stash.
An unfinished BEAUTY!!!

I loved echo quilting this quilt!!
Makes me want to make another quilt like this
JUST to echo those pretty petals!!

That BIG white area to quilt was a little daunting at first.....
Once I got going on it, I was in LOVE!!!

The blue vintage gingham was the perfect choice for a backing.
Not too sweet.
Not too modern.
JUST right.

Happy Friday Friends!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monday Making

I must be on a ROLL!
I pulled out another vintage quilt top this weekend
 that needed a little more work.

Some of the squares were already pieced together but...
it was missing 4 of the fan blocks. 
 I sat down and quickly drafted a paper pieced fan.
Thankfully I had a bit of yellow, green and scraps that kind of matched.

I will attempt to add a muslin border 
to make this wide enough for a twin size
and THEN....
Maybe I'll even get some quilting stitches in!!!

I really don't know WHY I feel the need to finish these tops
that end up in my lap!
Their voices have certainly been LOUD the last couple of weeks!

They are shouting JUST a bit louder than the BINS of SCRAPS
that want to be QUILTS!!!

Add a link and let us know what YOU'RE making this week!

It's time for a MONDAY MAKING party!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Finish

I haven't been finishing anything on Friday recently....
Especially not something this big
and this wonderful!!

Today's  a happy day.

I took this old, old hand pieced quilt
and made her useful.
Every quilt wants to be USED!!!

I knew I did not have YEARS to quilt around each hexagon.
I also considered the age of the fabric
and the stains here and there.
I knew a simple quilted pattern was the answer...
but WHAT pattern???

I ended up using the small green diamonds as my guide.
I thought I might detract from the GREEN by using cream thread...
but I think it worked out just fine!!
I am also so happy I did not have to mark any lines.
I do NOT like marking quilts for quilting.

I have attached the binding and will spend some relaxing hours
hand stitching it to the back.
I cut the binding on the BIAS 
since I wanted to CURVE around the side flowers
and not have to cut them off.

Bias binding is the key when you're doing any kind of CURVE!

The quilting lines are not perfect.
The piecing done by a long ago quilter is not perfect.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Best kind of thank you

The BEST kind of Thank you
does NOT contain words.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Monday Making

This quilt top was given to me recently.
Isn't it pretty??
Hand pieced
and ready to be quilted!!
That's my GOAL this week.
At least get it sandwiched together with a backing!!

Not sure how to go about quilting this one.....
But I want to start using it!
I love the green diamond outlines this quilter added!!
Such tiny pieces
with such a BIG impact!

Link up and share what YOU'd like to get accomplished this week.