Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thank you friends

It's not 2015 yet....
but I already have my 2015 quilts going!

Thanks to KIND blogland friends....
quilts for the high school seniors
will be EXTRA special this year.

Thank you

Don't these blocks look FUN together???

The "HOW to" for this scrappy block
is here .....
and then there's a second idea  HERE.
(I have a second post about making it even scrappier!)

I made mine with old shirts
thinking they would be great for the boys.

Mary sent some pink and orange.
I'm sure she didn't want the girls to feel left out.

I will be making at least 4 quilts this year.
IF I have enough extra blocks.....
I'll make more and donate them to the local hospital chaplain.

I'd love to add some QUILTY love from BLOGLAND
into these FUN quilts!!!
*I'll send my address if you leave a comment letting me know
you're interested in sending a block.
(I'll be accepting blocks for a long time...
haven't settled on an END date yet!)

Thank you in advance for being
in this little corner of the world
I like to call BLOGLAND!!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday finish

I'm not sure why.....
But I seem to get more sewing time in when I'm busy!
Strange.....but true
This little baby quilt using scraps was a great diversion from all the "have to do" things this week. ;)
Amazingly enough....
It's d.o.n.e.
Love the back!
Those little orphan blocks are the perfect addition to that blue/yellow stripe!

They look so cute all lined up there.

I love baby quilts. 
I love scraps.
I love done.

I shared how I made these simple blocks HERE

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Scraps on Monday

It's a scrappy
dump and sew kind of day!

Lay out the scraps

Today I had to do a little
DIGGING before
I dumped the scraps on the table.

Here's my new scrap basket
and a little model to give you an idea of SIZE!!!

I didn't want to dump the WHOLE thing!

Do you think it's big enough???
Will I have enough to finish my baby quilt???
Ha ha!


Each block begins with a 4" center.
Strips/scraps are sewn together
and cut into 3" wide segments
fitting them around the square
log cabin style.
Block is trimmed to 8 1/2".

(the transportation print is also cut into 4" squares
surrounded by muslin strips 3"...
trimmed to 8 1/2")

**note: my measurements
are 1/2" too big.
It's less stressful.
and fits into  my
kind of quilting style.

I'm calling this my scrappy

Friday, November 21, 2014


Just A little tiny finish this week.....
Because I'm having too much fun with my big girl.
Shopping aka treasure hunting.....

Not buying much. ;)
Getting my daughter "Set Up" to quilt!!

Eating her yummy cooking.
Ending my days like this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I'm making quilted center pieces (table toppers) again this year for a fundraiser.
I really enjoy making little quilts don't you?
Once the Dresden plate was was only a hop skip and a jump to appliqué it down
and add that center piece. I enjoyed the hand work while I was with friends last week.
I LOVE sewing while gabbing......
The border took a LITTLE bit more time. ;)

Yeah! for small. simple. tiny. quilts!

This would also make a great pillow!

There's a great HOW to on this block HERE

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Fun

Playing with scraps again.

It all started with that red stripe!
Thought it would make a cute, EASY tree.
I added the yellow "star" to the top of one or two..
I tried a BLUE stripe.
YOU know the REST!!!

The scrap basket is 
and my sewing room is a MESS!!!

Have a great weekend!
Linking up with Amanda Jean and Sarah.

If you're interested in making these...
there's a short how to video HERE

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What if

After making blocks yesterday I had some leftovers.
What if.....I thought....
What if I used them to make a block?
Scrappy just got scrappier!!!!
Scrappier = more fun!

I think one block is great.
Just imagine what a whole quilt could be!

Hope you're able to have some "what if" thoughts today!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


I'm beginning a new project today.
This is a quilt project I do every year!

I organize an effort to give
Quilts to all the high school graduates
that attend my church.

I'm starting early.
It's in my MIND...
so I have to get it OUT!!!

This is the block for this year.
A shoo fly variation using SHIRTS!
I think it will make some nice masculine quilts!

Here's a little how to...

Cutting info:

Light fabric - left - 
TWO 4 1/2" squares
strip cut 2" wide.  (17" long)
I had to cut two since I'm using shirts
and the sleeves were not long enough.

Dark fabric - center of photo -
TWO 4 1/2" squares
strip cut 1 1/2" wide (17" long)

Medium fabric - Right side (red)
ONE 4" square
strip cut 1 1/2" wide (17" long)

Lay DARK and LIGHT squares ( 4 1/2")
right sides together.
Draw diagonal line through the middle.

Sew seams on BOTH sides of line.

Cut apart.

Trim blocks to 4" (square up)

Sew strips together.

Cut into FOUR 4" segments

Sew together.

block should measure 11"

Trying to keep it REAL. 

This photo shows some blocks
where I SWITCHED the 
LIGHT and DARK from pattern instructions above.

I like the variation it gives!!!

I hope to make a few of these quilts for the graduates
and IF I have more blocks
I'll make some more charity quilts 
for the local hospital chaplain
who ALWAYS needs

Are you interested in sending a block or two?
I'd love to add a little BLOGLAND love
into these quilts. 

Blocks can either highlight the DARK or the LIGHT.
It'll be fun to have a MIX of blocks.

Leave a comment and I'll send you my address.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Orphans all deserve a home

Two little orphans found a HOME today.
It's a TWO sided bag.

Both blocks deserve to show off!

My friend loves flowers.
These flowers seem just right for FALL.

Someone sent these little blocks to me last year
and they never made it into a quilt!
I think they're going to LOVE being a bag...
don't you???

I added white strips.....

Quilted some lines with batting attached to the back.


Found some bright lining and cut it to fit.

Added a zipper.....
One side at a time.

I even gave the bag a little boxy bottom.

Orphan blocks.
They ALL deserve a HOME.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Knits

I've been making little things over here.
It's finally getting chilly 
and I can imagine MAYBE someone using
these little knits!

There are.....
Headbands for the girls.

Pattern is called "twistin the night away"
Free ravelry download.
I used different yarn....
Different sized needles.....
Different number of stitches.
I am SO not a pattern follower!
I always use them as a JUMPING off BOARD.

(Instead of chunky yarn I used worsted weight.
Instead of casting on 14. I cast on 22.
Instead of K2 P2...
I opted to K1, P1
Instead of casting ON stitches in the middle
I DIDn't cast on.)
See?  I tend to veer OFF the path.  LOL!

The gray one was my first attempt.
I changed the pattern a bit on the pink one
and like it better.

Watching someone make something like this on youtube
really helped me visualize the TWIST!

There are also Beanies for the boys.

Simple-simple pattern found in a knitting book...

I'm on the road to a homemade Christmas!