Sunday, November 25, 2018

Monday Making

This week I did some Improvisational sewing.

Lots of little triangles pieced into strips
and THEN cut up into bigger triangles.

I'm not sure it matches my vision...
but it was a FUN experiment in Patience  piecing.

I also puzzled my orphan blocks into a square.
Some of these blocks are from blogland friends.
This quilt celebrates the love of quilting
and the loving quilting community!

Isn't that border fabric perfecto??
I had JUST enough
and I mean JUST ENOUGH!!!
There was less than an INCH left!

The border fabric IS pieced.
The perfectionists among us
wouldn't have used it.
I didn't try to match up the prints to HIDE the seams!

There just wasn't enough fabric to do all that fussy work.

When there's the perfect fabric IN  YOUR STASH
you USE IT.

What are YOU making this week???

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Making

I'm making a NEW quilt!
All orphans.
All Red and Green.
All for CHRISTMAS!!!

You wouldn't THINK of quilting as exercise....
BUT....let me tell you....
I worked on this for a few hours...and...
I am SORE!!
My design wall is the floor.

Getting up and down, moving blocks,
rearranging blocks, measuring the gaps....
REALLY gives those leg muscles a

This week I will also be working on a little sweater.
There IS hope that I can do it before the cold weather is gone!
I had this along with me this weekend.

We visited our son in Iowa.
It was SUCH as surprise to walk into his place
and see a candle on a perfectly clean kitchen table!!

It was a miracle actually.

They DO grow up.
They DO become adults that know how to do grown up things!
They clean dishes.
They make beds.
When they're wonder if it will ever happen!
I shed a few happy tears.

What are YOU making this week???

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Monday Making

It's finished.

I took a class from David Taylor last month.
A class sponsored by my local guild.
Taking guild classes is a GREAT opportunity to learn from
teachers around the globe!

Most of us chose this pattern and David gave us lots of great hints on applique.
I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

But's fussy.
I'm not fussy.

The pieces SHOULD fit together like a puzzle.
Mine didn't.
I fudged.
I fudged QUITE a bit.
Don't tell.

Maybe I should teach a class on how to FUDGE!!!
I'm pretty good at it.

I added some scrappy borders to the pillow.
Can you believe I didn't need to cut ANY out??
They were ALL there ready to go.
LOTS of BLUES in my 2 1/2" squares drawer.

Scraps to the RESCUE!

With Christmas on the horizon...
I was anxious to finish it!!!

Hopefully this week I'll get going on MORE HANDMADE gifts!

Link up and share what 
YOU are making this week!!!

Friday, November 9, 2018


My loom has been ALL set up to weave a runner
for a while now.

I FINALLY sat down and did it!
A wedding is on the horizon
and this will be my handmade gift!

I love the blend of color these little runners give me.

As I weave, the runner is rolled up in the loom.
I'm never quite sure how all those colorful strips
will look together.

I use leftover strips from quilting.
1"-2" wide.
ALL lengths.
Not uniform AT ALL.

 I enjoy the SURPRISE ending!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Monday Making

The sewing room is my guest room.
It is SO nice to have a place to sew.
But....When there are guests...
That place of sanity is NOT available.

That's o.k.
I wouldn't want to be squirreled away sewing
when I have guests!!!

The MINUTE my company left today...
I made a MESS.
The fabric came out of hiding
and I began a new LITTLE project.
(The tutorial for this coaster is HERE)

Need to begin all that Christmastime MAKING!!!

What are YOU making this week???