Saturday, May 29, 2010

school days.

My teacher quilt top is done!!!
I love it.
Only 3 pinwheels decided to go the wrong way!
Now I have some orphan blocks to make into potholders.
A happy mistake!!
I have some deadlines to meet!
This quilt top will have to wait for the quilting.
I'll fold it up neatly.
I'll put it in a safe place.
But....I'll be thinking about it
the whole time!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm attempting to make some pinwheels for my teacher quilt.
Did you notice the blue one wanting to go the wrong way??
My college girl majoring in Psychology reminded me...
"MOM, don't lay blame on the Block!
It was YOU who made it wrong. :)"
That's my girl.
That's also the girl who told me a while back
that I have a ONE track mind (quilting)!
Actually I had been thinking this week
"Wow! I don't think I've been talking to
the big girls too much about quilting..."
Before I could pat myself on the back another
thought hit me right upside the head!!!
I talk about.....BLOGGING!!!

I DO think about quilting a lot.

I also think about blogging a lot. It's a lot of fun to share with you!!

My library book selection is an indication where my

mind is!!!

I want to make one like this....

and this.....

Wouldn't it be nice to make this one???

I know my daughter still loves me...
she picked these!!
Have a happy quilting weekend!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

teacher quilt.

I made a little progress on my teacher quilt this week.
As you can see, I've still got some empty space there.
What will I make to fill it in?
I love this little block.
Here's a little boy calling all his friends...
"Come on over!
Let's play kickball!"

Here's a bunch of happy 2 1/2" squares
that I think will find their way into the border.
The end of school is near!
I'd better get busy!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I made the top for this quilt last year!!
When I made didn't have a home.
Now it does!

I have a few quilt tops ready!
They are so much easier to store that way.
When special occassions come...
weddings, graduations, babies...
I'm sometimes almost ready!
My nephew is graduating next month,
so I told my sister-in-law to choose a quilt top
For her son...and this is it!!
I quilted it with simple wavy lines.
NO thinking.
NO marking.
My way to go!

Isn't this binding perfect??
I found it after digging through my
blues and greens.
So happy I have that fabric stash.
It DOES come in handy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

quilt festival time!

Before blogging there was quilting.
Before blogging there were life changing events.
This is my reminder of that.
I made this a couple of years ago after
we adopted a very sweet little 3 year old girl.

She came along with some physical problems
and we didn't know at the time
how much progress she would make.
You can see I used some scraps.
I love using those up!!
I bought a little tiny piece of fabric
with the alphabet letters.
Then....I just made some
wonky log cabin blocks beginning with that
little strip of black.
This was also one of my first
free motion quilted quilts!!

My little girl has surprised us all!!

And we're so happy we have this
little happy, happy girl at OUR house!
I'm adding this to the quilt festival.
There will be a LOT of quilts to see this week!!
Have fun!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

mail time!

I Went on a short camping trip this weekend...
But, when I got home I had the sweetest surprise waiting.
After I warmed up...
I opened a box full of vintage linens
from my vintage sheet swap.
Oh Boy! What a great way to end the weekend!
There were some pinks.
Green and blues.


Mostly whites.
80 fat quarters of linen goodness!!

I really like this one!
Now the question is....
What am I going to make??
Should I just cut them into big squares and enjoy
the floral designs?
use a block pattern and cut them up some more?
I really can't decide.
suggestions welcome.
I DO think this will be my next FUN quilt!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Jenn's first quilt.
Now she's got a REALLY happy little girl.
And, of course, she's little proud too.

The back.
Love this one.

I didn't make this quilt,
But....I saw it coming together...
and I CHEERED the whole time!
We're all cheering, Right?
Yeah! for a first quilt!!

I'm adding this to Amy's sew and tell.
Hooray for first quilts!
Hooray for Jenn!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

group project.

My friend Susan and I are putting together
a simple quilt as a gift for some missionaries
heading to Uruguay.
Susan took supplies to a meeting and had
everyone make a block with fabric scraps and iron-on adhesive.
She even took some pens for writing a simple message.
Today she zigzagged those cute appliques and now...
I'm in the process of sewing the blocks together.
Isn't this going to be a treasure??
I think so too.
Thursday is my little quilt/craft group morning,
so it was the perfect time to work on this group quilt.
I love the diversity of all the blocks!!
Some of the ladies used templates...
then there were the adventurous...
who cut out their own designs.

Since I had a birthday a few days ago...
my friends spoiled me.

They know what I like, huh?
See that cute handmade bag?
Thank you Jenn.

Here is my first Jelly Roll!
And a book too!!
You know me.....and quilt books!

Then there was the gift that I didn't even wish for...
Now that I have it...
I don't know why I didn't.
I realize what all the hoopla was about!!!
I am now an official PW fan. ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the only "quilt-worthy" things I did today was add
a flag to my little school house.
There's a lot more to life than quilting...right? Right.
It was good to do that little bit.
That tiny bit of creative energy
kept me a little more sane.
I'm thankful today that I have fabric.
Lots of fabric.
I was able to locate the red stripe and
the blue....sort-of-star-polka-dot piece.
Yeah! for a fabric stash!!!
I've got another kind of stash that's becoming a problem.
Does anyone else have these wonderful quilting magazines?
They are filled with bright pictures,
new fabric lines,
articles about quilt related topics,
advertisements for every quilty thing!!!
They accumulate....
unbelievably fast!!!
Especially when quilt guild meetings offer older ones
frequently for 25 cents apiece!


Yes. I've got a mighty big problem.
The first step is to admit you've got a problem.


I've got a problem.

Then there's the books.
I don't think there's a meeting for this kind of problem...
is there???

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

school bus

I played around yesterday and
made a block for my "teacher quilt".
First I found some happy children.
Then I found a very terrified bus driver.
Could it be the kids??....
Or maybe it's the bus route he's worried about....?
As you can see I need to applique some circles on.
Today I've only got some paper circles laying there.
But, as usual, I'm excited and wanted to share Today!
Hmmm....maybe I'll even embroider "School bus" on the side.
We'll see.
It's so fun to play.

Monday, May 17, 2010

church quilts

Six Graduating seniors will be receiving a quilt next month. Three girls.
Three boys.

They're ALL DONE!!!!

DONE is such a nice word.
I DO have one more to finish for my nephew.
I'll pin that one with friends on Wednesday.
But...... I'm done with the church kids.
That's such a great feeling! I'm going to play.
I took some orphan blocks and made a few more.

This is the beginning of a quilt for a
I hope you can play with some
quilt blocks today!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

yarn bag.

A new bag for a new crochet habit.
I made this using FREE fabric.
Hand-me-down fabric.
Gifted Fabric.
Whatever you like to call it.

This fabric is heavy weight denim.

This plaid is a sort of silk lining fabric.
I sure had fun playing with this fabric!!

When it was given to me...
My wheels started turning...
What am I going to make???

My yarn fits inside.

I also love that wooden crochet hook.
I found that at the thrift store.
Simple pleasures make me so happy!!

Now I can crochet those little dishcloths in style.
I might even graduate to granny squares if...
I can improve my crochet skills!!!

My little end of the week...
I'm adding this to amy's sew and tell.