Thursday, May 20, 2010

group project.

My friend Susan and I are putting together
a simple quilt as a gift for some missionaries
heading to Uruguay.
Susan took supplies to a meeting and had
everyone make a block with fabric scraps and iron-on adhesive.
She even took some pens for writing a simple message.
Today she zigzagged those cute appliques and now...
I'm in the process of sewing the blocks together.
Isn't this going to be a treasure??
I think so too.
Thursday is my little quilt/craft group morning,
so it was the perfect time to work on this group quilt.
I love the diversity of all the blocks!!
Some of the ladies used templates...
then there were the adventurous...
who cut out their own designs.

Since I had a birthday a few days ago...
my friends spoiled me.

They know what I like, huh?
See that cute handmade bag?
Thank you Jenn.

Here is my first Jelly Roll!
And a book too!!
You know me.....and quilt books!

Then there was the gift that I didn't even wish for...
Now that I have it...
I don't know why I didn't.
I realize what all the hoopla was about!!!
I am now an official PW fan. ;)


  1. Way cool. Happy belated brithday!

  2. Happy birthday...a bit late; but it is your whole birthday month after all!!

    This quilt is great! I love the idea and think I'll do one too with my little quilt circle. Keep up the great work!

  3. The group quilt is very cute.


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