Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday morning.

Almost every Thursday morning I get together with friends.
Nice, huh?
They come over and bring their projects.
We work.
We talk.
Compare notes.
It's always an inspiring morning.

Today Jenn added a border to her quilt!
we pinned it...ready for quilting!

I stitched a little on my baskets.

Ellen (the expert Knitter) clicked away on her new socks!

Jenn showed us her C-u-t-e Bib!!
She said it was easy...
but I don't know about that part!

Maybe for you knitters it is....??

We pondered this little knitted cap.
Why is it so big if the pattern says it's for an infant??

Cute, though.

Chloe kind of wanted to do something too.
Were we leaving her out?

Wouldn't want to do THAT!!

" Here we go Chloe.
A sewing project just for you."

Can she do it??

Yes she can!

She had some fun!!

Sewing begins at an early age around here!!

I was even inspired by my knitting friends to
take up my crochet needle again.
I made these last Saturday during an all day conference.
So glad I could use the time doing something crafty!
My kitchen will LOVE them.
And so will I!!
I'm adding this to Amy's sew and tell.
Run and around blogland and get inspired!


  1. What a lovely thing to be able to get together with your friends who all like to craft. And, what lovely crafting. So, you are hand quilting the baskets?

  2. I love getting together with friends to craft - we always have so much fun! And I am very impressed with your baskets - they are lovely! My granddaughter is also one to get involved in the sewing - but she always wants to sit at my sewing machine and "sew" her fabric! Today, though, she hammered the fabric and told me she was making scarves....I'm not sure how that works but she was happy!!

  3. How much fun! I, too, crochet dishcloths...especially in the winter months.

  4. Your Thursday sounds like so much fun, Beth. I love the hand quilting on your baskets!

  5. It's sounds like so much fun to hand with the girls every week. I love the progress on your basket quilt, it's looking so awesome!

  6. having friends over to sew is always so inspiring and fun...i love the stitching letter for the little one.

  7. What fun you all must have!!! If I lived closer could I come ???

  8. What a great way to spend a Thursday morning! Your baskets are so inspiring to me!!!

  9. Beautiful projects!

    I remember sewing cards for my little ones! Aw! Sweet memories.

  10. Thanks for sharing the fun of getting together with your friends. You all do such lovely work. Really love your baskets!

    Glad to see Chloe is getting off to a good start with her sewing skills.

  11. Wow! So much fun!


  12. What fun! Nice handmade sewing card! I remember sewing cards from when I was little. I loved them.

  13. I love seeing all the different projects. Love those pictures of Chloe!!!

  14. Loving the look of your baskets!!! The photos of your daughter sewing are adorable.

  15. What a great idea for teaching your daughter how to sew. I am going to implement it at our house and beging the brain-washing early!

  16. Love the baskets! I remember having some sewing cards when I was little and that was a long time ago:)

  17. What a nice way to spend some time with friends. I love the hand stitching on your baskets.

  18. What a fun morning! Those baskets are going to look amazing. If I am not mistaken, Cheerio boxes have so many uses!

  19. hey, my Zoe looks a lot like your Chloe! Love all your projects & friends' projects. The stitching on your baskets is beautiful

  20. Your hand quilting looks so yummy: that's going to be a special quilt.

    I just knit some of those cotton bibs, and I'm on a dishcloth kick too. There must be something in the air...

    I hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

  21. Looks like a good time was had by all~I'm still in love with your basket quilt!


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