Thursday, May 13, 2010

bees and things.

I've been trying to catch up on my quilt bee assignments.

Here are the stars for Shaina.

I love this fabric!!

Alphabet letters for the quilt that Shea is
going to be putting together for her little one.
I'll be really curious to see this quilt completed.
Everyone is making a couple of letters
using all different colors....
Can't wait!
As I was finishing up those blocks
I received a package in the mail.
A BIG package!!

I opened it...
wondering what it could be.
I AM in a potholder swap...
but this looks too big for potholders!!!

It's a whole new kitchen set!!!!!
and WOW again!!

My potholder pass friend got carried away I think.
Isn't it all too lovely for words??
Yes, I think so too.

Thank you.
Thank you, Jeannie.

One of the larger potholders looks lovely
under the flowers I received for Mother's Day.
Don't you think?

Let's just sit down and enjoy looking at
those potholders and goodies together.
Have some soup.
It is super, super easy.
So's the chicken salad sandwich:
diced chicken. celery. dried cranberries. Mayo.
Serve on croissant.

I would love to have my blog friends over for this
simple supper.
We'd sip our soup and admire all the
lovely things Jeannie sent...
Then we'd ooooh and aaaah over fabric....
Wouldn't that be fun?


  1. Oh what a lucky girl. Great haul there Beth!

  2. I would so love to come to supper, I'd even bring the dessert!
    You were fun to sew for, you are a very talented lady.

  3. Beth, when can I come over? You definitely scored some great things from your swap partner! Love, love, love all the items she sent. Great Bee blocks too. I especially like those stars!

  4. Wow! You are a lucky lady for sure!! Love your bee blocks; I have some to catch up on this weekend...

    Jennifer :)

  5. Sounds good to me! Your swap partner is a sweet gal! Such pretty treasure.

  6. Oh beautiful Alstroemeria, I received those also.
    Mine are sitting on one of my mini quilts.

  7. Those pot holders are works of art. I must confess I am potholder challenged. Please dont laugh at me! I really am. I have pot holder block. Cant sew them to save myself. Maybe I should practice?

  8. What a gorgeous kitchen set! Too gorgeous to get dirty...rather keep it to look pretty!

  9. Great star blocks - is that a pattern or is it just impromptu piecing? And you are so lucky with those great potholders and apron - what a friend!!

  10. gosh Beth! I love those blocks! Any block with a white background just speaks to me! And the alphabet quilt your friend is making is such an awesome idea! I did my first letter blocks for a hot pad I made and I was surprised at how easy they were to put together. And fun!

  11. Beth- thank you, again, for the ABC blocks! Yours are the first ones I've seen and they ROCK!!!

  12. I may be too late, but I wanna come! I love pot holders, aprons and soup. And my oohh's and ahh's and all warmed up from recent baby shower I attended. Oh, and I LOVE flowers! See I'm a perfect match. :) (sheepish grin)


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