Monday, May 3, 2010

ta dah!

This scrappy top is done!
Woo Hoo!
It measures 56"x60"
Perfect for cuddling on the sofa.
I learned this about scrap quilts:
The bigger they get...
the better they look.
When I only had a few blocks done I was dubious.
Was this really going to work?
But as the quilt grew...
it grew on me!
scrap quilts DO make a dent in the scrap box.
I actually ran out of 2" squares and had to cut more!!

Is that license to acquire more fabric???
I told myself today:
"You may not quilt this until you
quilt one (or two) of those senior quilts!"

I'm going to quilt one (or two) of those senior quilts...
so I can get back to this one!


  1. This is a wonderful scrappy quilt, Beth! I really like the wide white border. Great job!!

  2. That's absolutely fantastic - and you're right about scrap quilts looking better the more blocks they have.

  3. Oooooohhh, Beth, that's lovely! The white borders really set it off. And I find that I get less-anticipated tasks done faster if I say "I can't do this until I do that" too. Of course, I noticed you didn't answer your question about license to buy more fabric.... ;-)

  4. It is really very nice! Oh, boy, I want to try this one.I like the big white border frame!

  5. It looks wonderful. I like larger scrap quilts too. Everything seems to blend more when there are more blocks.


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