Sunday, May 23, 2010

mail time!

I Went on a short camping trip this weekend...
But, when I got home I had the sweetest surprise waiting.
After I warmed up...
I opened a box full of vintage linens
from my vintage sheet swap.
Oh Boy! What a great way to end the weekend!
There were some pinks.
Green and blues.


Mostly whites.
80 fat quarters of linen goodness!!

I really like this one!
Now the question is....
What am I going to make??
Should I just cut them into big squares and enjoy
the floral designs?
use a block pattern and cut them up some more?
I really can't decide.
suggestions welcome.
I DO think this will be my next FUN quilt!!!


  1. LOL! It looks like you have enough there to do one of each!

  2. Wow, Beth!! What a great surprise!!! I can just imagine opening up such a treasure trove! How about pairing them with darker solids and making that HST quilt that's been floating around the blogs lately?

  3. That was a great weekender...

    I'd hate to give you suggestions, because I look so forward to seeing what you create with them... you always amaze me; you don't need any help or suggestions!!


  4. Gorgeous! I know you will come up with something great,

  5. Vintage sheets are a sickness. I can't stop collecting them either!

    You have a beautiful selection there. I'm seeing a vintage sheet quilt in your future.

  6. Beth, I love all your sheets. I think that the one in the upper right corner on the "mostly white" picture might be one that I sent in! I'm hoping that the mailman brings me my own fun box this week!

  7. What a treasure! I'd say you have few quilts brewing there. I keep saying I'm going to make aprons with some of my vintage linens, but I haven't quite gotten to it yet.

  8. You really got some sweet pieces here. I've been collecting, the sheets are so soft and pretty in big squares.


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