Monday, May 17, 2010

church quilts

Six Graduating seniors will be receiving a quilt next month. Three girls.
Three boys.

They're ALL DONE!!!!

DONE is such a nice word.
I DO have one more to finish for my nephew.
I'll pin that one with friends on Wednesday.
But...... I'm done with the church kids.
That's such a great feeling! I'm going to play.
I took some orphan blocks and made a few more.

This is the beginning of a quilt for a
I hope you can play with some
quilt blocks today!!!


  1. Wow, that is quite an accomplishment. Great job!

  2. Wahoo. Yes done is good; however, I am guessing for you the process is every bit as good.

  3. Oh what an accomplishment! I haven't finished that many quilts in my life, yet!! Way to go you! :) That is a wonderful feeling to be done with something!! You should treat yourself to a massage or something! :)

  4. That is incredible! 6 quilts DONE! Looks like you are playing with some very cute blocks today...

    Jennifer :)

  5. Oh, Beth, I saw your quilts for the graduating seniors and I thought, "We ought to do that too!" Then I flashed on the list of seniors that was in our church bulletin yesterday and realized that even if we started today, we might have a hard time making 50+ quilts by next year's graduation! Shoot! And it's such a great idea.... Your seniors are so lucky!! They are beautiful quilts!

  6. Congratulations; what an accomplishment, Beth! I'm sure the 6 kids will treasure their quilts for ever. Do they know about the quilts?

  7. How productive are you?! Great job!!

  8. Beth, I love the result of your playtime! Wish I could have squeezed some in today. Congratulations on finishing all the graduating seniors' quilts. They look so great all spread out on the grass.

  9. Oh, I love, love, love the pictures of all those lovely quilts in the grass. I'd love to just roll around on them!

  10. You are absolutely AMAZING!!!

    I so enjoy your blog!!


  11. Congratulations on getting your quilts done. They look absolutely wonderful. Well done.

  12. What beauties the quilts are and you are so amazing to get them all done. I'm sure they'll be loved. The house and tree blocks are wonderful, very fun.

  13. That's a big accomplishment, and each quilt is distinctive and lovely. Congratulations on the big finish.

  14. Wow, what an amazing amount of work, and what beautiful quilts! The kids they are for are going to treasure them. I was given a crocheted blanket when I graduated, and I still cherish it. I love seeing my little ones all wrapped up in it now, a decade later. The kids who receive those quilts will feel the same way; it's such a special gift!


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