Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I made the top for this quilt last year!!
When I made didn't have a home.
Now it does!

I have a few quilt tops ready!
They are so much easier to store that way.
When special occassions come...
weddings, graduations, babies...
I'm sometimes almost ready!
My nephew is graduating next month,
so I told my sister-in-law to choose a quilt top
For her son...and this is it!!
I quilted it with simple wavy lines.
NO thinking.
NO marking.
My way to go!

Isn't this binding perfect??
I found it after digging through my
blues and greens.
So happy I have that fabric stash.
It DOES come in handy!


  1. Awesome! I always meant to make a waverunner quilt and still want to! Love the blues and greens!

  2. I love that wavy line quilting! Looks just perfect on this quilt. And I've started buying pieces for my stash specifically because I think they will make good binding someday.... because I almost never pick the binding before I finish a quilt. Stashes do come in handy!!

  3. Oh no...Oh are going to part with it????? Well...I'm jealous....yours is finished and my top is still draped over a padded hanger....Yours finished out great!!!

  4. That's a stunning quilt. I'm sure your nephew with enjoy and appreciate it.

    I have a pile of finished tops too. I like your frame of mind regarding them. From now on, I won't consider them unfinished quilts, but instead they're tops ready to be finished for special occasions.

  5. LOVE it! I can see why he choose it...I would have,too!!! The colors, the liberated stripes of a wave quilt..fabulous.You can actually feel the ocean in this one!!

  6. oh what a great idea - quilt tops ready to go! Now maybe I can keep up with my ideas and just make the tops.


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