Sunday, March 29, 2020

Monday Making

Are you at home?
With LOTS of fabric to keep you busy?
With NO WHERE to go?
With tons of TIME?

Me too.

After making lots of blocks for my quarantine quilt...

I hit a snag.
I can't figure out how big to make it.
I can't figure out if I add another block around with alternate color...
I'm stuck.

Instead of dwelling on THAT, I pulled out my son's wedding quilt.
(the first photo)
It needed more blocks and MAN are they time consuming!
(nothing like my quarantine quilt) 😊
This is the PERFECT TIME to work on a fussy,
time consuming quilt!!!

I'm almost there!

What are YOU making??

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Monday Making

We are living in strange times.
In my county, we have been asked to stay home.

Staying home has really not been a problem for me.
I have SO many things I want to MAKE!

Like you though,  I am concerned and curious what the coming days will bring.
I will continue to rest in my faith in a God who is
walking with me through it all.
I will listen to the news sparingly.
I will be thankful that I have TIME to bond with family at home.
I will be thankful for TIME to sew.
I will take a bike ride - with social distancing of course.
I will take a walk.
I will bake bread!!!
I will SOAK IN all of this TIME I've been granted.

Working on my quarantine quilt!!!

This is going to be a LIBERATED quilt.
I've added a rule for this one - Scissors ONLY!!!

A Gwen Marston inspired way of quilting.
The how to video is HERE.

I want to thank NANN for the beautiful box of scraps she sent.
They came at just the right time!!

My son's family moved in right before the
STAY AT HOME order because they're between houses.

I needed ONE MORE place mat for the kids.
Once the new one has been laundered a couple of times...
it will match perfectly..... in a scrappy sort of way!

The box Nann sent held JUST THE RIGHT scraps for my project!

What are YOU making???

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Monday Making

It's been a week.
Getting a gift of little tiny scraps was definitely one of the HIGHLIGHTs.
Just laying them out on the table during
"coffee break" time made me happy.
I also bound one of the LAST of my table mat quilts.
There's a little you tube how-to if you're interested.

There was time to play in the rain!....
and Sew some PILLOWCASE dresses for Lori at humble quilts.

There was also time to harvest all the broccoli.
It is now blanched and frozen.
Hooray for GARDEN produce!!!

Since many of us will be home more in the coming weeks...
I bet you'll see a LOT more "HOMEMADE" in blogland.

Time at home = time to MAKE!
Link up and share what YOU are making.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Monday Making

I am nearing a yearly goal.
ELEVEN table toppers are almost complete!!!

Each year around this time I make a few table toppers
to auction off at a retreat.
They sit in the middle of the cafeteria tables
along with vases of flowers.
We enjoy them all weekend
and then....
They go to loving homes.
Win. Win.

Many of these (like this one)
are made from orphan blocks.
I love using these little leftovers!

I will have a virtual parade of ALL of  THEM very soon.

What are YOU making??

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Monday Making

I was able to do some sewing with friends last week.

We worked on the GRADUATION quilts
that will be given out in June
to the high school graduates at my church.

Here's a fun video with some highlights.

What are YOU making this week?