Sunday, March 22, 2020

Monday Making

We are living in strange times.
In my county, we have been asked to stay home.

Staying home has really not been a problem for me.
I have SO many things I want to MAKE!

Like you though,  I am concerned and curious what the coming days will bring.
I will continue to rest in my faith in a God who is
walking with me through it all.
I will listen to the news sparingly.
I will be thankful that I have TIME to bond with family at home.
I will be thankful for TIME to sew.
I will take a bike ride - with social distancing of course.
I will take a walk.
I will bake bread!!!
I will SOAK IN all of this TIME I've been granted.

Working on my quarantine quilt!!!

This is going to be a LIBERATED quilt.
I've added a rule for this one - Scissors ONLY!!!

A Gwen Marston inspired way of quilting.
The how to video is HERE.

I want to thank NANN for the beautiful box of scraps she sent.
They came at just the right time!!

My son's family moved in right before the
STAY AT HOME order because they're between houses.

I needed ONE MORE place mat for the kids.
Once the new one has been laundered a couple of times...
it will match perfectly..... in a scrappy sort of way!

The box Nann sent held JUST THE RIGHT scraps for my project!

What are YOU making???


  1. Sounds like you're all sorted for the next little while and I just love the idea of making a quarantine quilt. I might need to jump onboard with this idea. Take Care x

  2. Love your positivity. I limited my web time today and got so much more done. Cute little placemats. Isn't getting a box from Nann fun? I've already cut up a piece to use in a quilt. Take care of your self and enjoy some extra quilting time.

  3. My GOODNESS, that video makes it seem like you are a quilting magician of superhuman speed!! I'm not sure what you mean by the "scissors only" rule -- no rotary cutting? You have the right attitude about all of this for sure. God is on His throne, and this mess is a great reminder to take one day at a time, trusting that each day He will provide what we need for that day.

  4. It is a good thing that we love quilting and at least have that to keep us busy. I've been social distancing my entire life...but it's quite different when you have to! Stay safe!

  5. I, too, am trying to be thankful for the extra time to sew. The thing that I find unnerving is the risk involved just to go buy food. Stay well and enjoy those grands while they are with you!!

  6. I love the idea of a liberated hourglass. Yours is looking great!

  7. My tears and prayers are for the businesses that will be decimated with these isolation demands. I have Faith that God will bring my family through, but we will not miss meals, income or have to worry about things. And we are in a position to help our daughters weather this. But for those whose lives depend on their business, staying home for 2, 3, 4, who knows how long the powers that be are going to string this out, is not a calming proposition. So my heart is so heavy for them. I love your hourglass project! So colorful.

  8. Oh I really like your place mats!! and your Hourglass project - too cool! It will all work out right? we will all be relaxed and ready for the next phase??? ( I have no idea - I just can't give you a physical hug... so wordsd will have to do!)

  9. I love those hourglass blocks in the first photo. The colors, the placement -- all perfect! Thanks for hosting Monday Making.

  10. I too love those hour glass blocks, liberated! Those fun place mats, too. Enjoy family time, and sew on!

  11. It is a gift of time, I agree, and that is what I focus on. I had plans to start a quilt for my sister, but instead she needs masks because she's a nurse 😞 And her friends who are docs and nurses are begging for masks also. So that's what my scraps are going into right now...

  12. I think I might have to change the name of my quit to my "Quarantine Quilt". That is a clever idea.

    I loved reading about your faith in God and how staying home works for you. I think any quilter with a room full of fabric could stay busy for months for sure.

  13. Thanks for the link to the liberated hourglass quilt. I need something like that for a project I've been thinking about. So glad we have our fabric and hobbies for quarantine therapy.:)


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