Monday, October 24, 2022

Monday making - catching up

It's been quiet in this corner of blogland....

but I've been busy!

Sewing a few things like this dizzy geese quilt block.
Details HERE

I also finished this Beautiful BABY quilt!
It's ALL READY for the new baby.

I used a gifted fat quarter bundle and LOVE the way this turned out.
I would never have chosen these colors on my own...
But they're so pretty!

I have also been BUSY with family stuff.

With most of the kids grown and gone it means we travel.

Here we are in South Dakota to see one of our sons and his wife's family.
Our visit included a corn maze!
A FIRST for me. 😉

We visited my daughter's family in Texas
we were able to bring our granddaughter BACK with us for another visit.

What a GIFT that was!

A tea party with my youngest for a friend's birthday.

Lots of special times!
I loved every minute.

I have decided this will be our last linky party.
This blog has been a GREAT way to connect with other quilters.
This is where I have met so many amazing quilty friends!
I will still continue to post here but probably not quite as often.

I am still trying to figure it out....
Thanks for your participation and all the encouragement you give everyone.

Link up and share what YOU are working on!

Monday, October 10, 2022

monday making - fall

Is it FALL where you are?

These little coasters began on a whim.
First a pumkin.
Then an acorn.
Finally a leaf.

Are there any other fall motifs that I should include??

Having lots of fun making and dreaming.

I also made a VERY simple quilt top.

Sometimes the fabric just needs to SHINE!
Not much piecing necessary.

Both projects are on my youtube channel.

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, October 2, 2022

monday making

Recently I found this amazing TIE quilt at the thrift store.
It wasn’t QUITE finished.
Still a couple of names that needed to be embroidered.
It is a quilt TOP at this point.

I bought it and just enjoyed looking at the amazing handwork!

I also made a tiny replica for my new dollhouse.
More on that on my youtube channel.

A scrappy quilt top and a more controlled color palette
with all solids.

What are YOU making this week??