Monday, May 10, 2010

owls and friends

Here's a little finish.
Almost. Still have to quilt it.

I just loved this fabric when I saw it.

I bought 2 fat quarters of each design.
I bought it last month when visiting my daughter.

Then I began cutting and sewing.
Note: I did not plan ahead.
Bad Idea!

I got this far.
Not enough of that brown stripe.

I need SIX little 1 1/2" x 6" pieces.

What am I going to do now??

1. I tried first to find SOMETHING in my stash
that kind of went with it.
Nope!...can't find anything.

2. Called my local quilt shops.
Nope. They don't have it.

3. Looked online.
Found the fabric on sale for $5 a yard. $6 shipping.
I don't know.
Pay more for shipping than the fabric??

4. waited. and wondered.

5. Hallelujah!
I asked my friend Nancy....
"Will you be going to that quilt shop we went to
anytime soon?"
I really didn't want to travel
all the way across the country
for six little pieces of fabric!!

I wanted that fabric!!
She went.
She found.
She sent.

Free shipping too!

she sent it home with my daughter who was coming home for the summer.

What a dear friend!!!


  1. So glad that worked out for such a cutie quilt! I've been saving bird fabrics for awhile to make a quilt featuring them someday...yours is a great one!

  2. That was so nice! And I do love that stripe. Very cute quilt.

  3. Cute! There's a story behind every quilt :)

  4. This is a really cute quilt!! So glad it worked out with the brown stripe fabric!

  5. What precious fabric. Yes, I agree you needed that stripe. However, I have been know to punt. Good you didn't have to though.

  6. That's an adorable quilt! So lucky you could find some more of that stripe!!

  7. That IS a good friend. And that fabric is adorable. I can see why you were determined to find more!

  8. I'm so glad you were able to get the fabric. I love that little stripe and your quilt is adorable.

  9. Pretty neat how that all worked out! Your quilt is really cute...I love the fabric, too.


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