Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Making

I'm making a NEW quilt!
All orphans.
All Red and Green.
All for CHRISTMAS!!!

You wouldn't THINK of quilting as exercise....
BUT....let me tell you....
I worked on this for a few hours...and...
I am SORE!!
My design wall is the floor.

Getting up and down, moving blocks,
rearranging blocks, measuring the gaps....
REALLY gives those leg muscles a

This week I will also be working on a little sweater.
There IS hope that I can do it before the cold weather is gone!
I had this along with me this weekend.

We visited our son in Iowa.
It was SUCH as surprise to walk into his place
and see a candle on a perfectly clean kitchen table!!

It was a miracle actually.

They DO grow up.
They DO become adults that know how to do grown up things!
They clean dishes.
They make beds.
When they're wonder if it will ever happen!
I shed a few happy tears.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. So there is hope that my children will not carry their messiness into adulthood? Not sure this is going to happen since they are 24 and 21 and still have a bit of the messy gene in them. LOL! The quilt will be so festive!

  2. Your Christmas quilt is really fun. All that bending introduces you to muscles you didn't know you have. Adult children do surprise you don't they.

  3. I love sampler quilts. My floor is my quilt wall as well but I usually just crawl around and stay down until I think i have it. My new sewing room with have some sort of a formal design wall. Thank you for the linky party.

  4. I love quilts made from stray blocks- this Christmas one will be fun. I just put up a blog post of a quilt I made with orphan blocks. Come visit if you get a chance.

  5. I know what you mean, my design wall is the floor too :) The quilt is looking lovely. I am sure you will finish the sweater soon. Glad the visit to your son went very well :) Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Your orphan blocks are looking great together. I too go up and down all the time when I'm quilting; it's not a stationary hobby at all!

  7. Love that Christmas quilt! You give me hope. Visits to the SIT's college apartment aren't very promising on that front at the moment.

  8. That Christmas quilt is lovely! I also use the floor as a design wall! Yes, it is really exercise moving down and up again.LOL :-D

  9. Cute quilt! My design wall is on the floor too!

  10. lol....yes, they do grow up. Thank goodness!

    That is going to be a great Christmas quilt. That sounds like more fun exercise than a gym!

  11. Oh I like your orphan quilt! I think for christmas you need a real design wall - ha ha! and yay - good to know they do grow up!

  12. I adore your collection of holiday-look orphans! Very fun looking. I've been eyeballing several little 'sets' of orphan blocks, but trying very hard not to get too derailed right now. MIght have to rethink that!

  13. I love your orphan quilt! It us so cute!


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