Sunday, July 24, 2016

Monday Making

I'm making another tumbler quilt this week!!
This is a new layout for me
and I'm excited to see this quilt GROW!
I'm hoping to get it QUEEN sized.
Think I have enough scraps???

I cut a bunch of tumblers using my 3 1/2" plastic template...
Sew a bunch in sets of 4
and then cut a bunch MORE!!
In between I lay them out on the floor and ADMIRE.
I'm trying to alternate darks and lights....
As you can see my darks and lights are not STRONG darks and lights.
They are muted a bit.
I'm finding it hard to decide if some of these scraps are DARK or LIGHT!!
It'll be interesting to see how its turns out when It's nice and big!
I'm having fun working in the dining room this week.
It's nice to change sewing locations once in a while!
It means I have another MESS to clean up.

Here's another MAKING picture.
Lots of cucumbers in the garden means there are going to be
 some PICKLES in the fridge!
What are you up to this week??


  1. A tumbler quilt is definitely on my to do list! Yours looks great!

  2. It looks great, if there is enough contrast it is less important to have dark and light i think.

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  4. I really like thimble quilts, nice job. The pickles look good enough to eat!

  5. Sweet color combinations in your tumblers, I love it!Ahhh, pickles!

  6. Love the no matching seams you've got going! I also like to sew in the dining or living rooms once in awhile to change up the scenery.

  7. I love your tumbler pattern!

  8. I love your tumbler pattern!

  9. Light and dark are relative terms in fabrics. What could be counted as really dark compared to stark white, might be just a medium compared to black. Let me know if you need scraps. I moved a couple of bags of them -- what? I couldn't just throw them away!

  10. Those fabrics look fabulous together....such yummy scrappiness.

  11. I always tell people I like brighter fabrics, more modern prints, etc., and then I come here and see how you put more traditional prints and plaids together, and it makes me a liar. I think this is going to be a stunning tumbler quilt! Almost as beautiful as your monkey wrench quilts you posted that you made for kids graduating. You have good sense when it comes to putting things together. Love it!!

  12. You are an inspiration! I love the scrappy look of the tumbler quilts, and heaven knows I need to use up a ton of scraps also. I am thinking when the weather cools off a little, that should be my next project. Thanks for sharing!


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