Saturday, September 29, 2012

One more

One more block....
for this quilt that's growing!
How big will it get???
Queen sized??
I sure hope so!!!
One block at a time.....

I pulled out my bear's paw quilt
because I received a nice package of vintage fabric
from Carol.

It's just what I wanted to add to my quilt!

This blue is ESPECIALLY nice!

I'm also loving this print!

And aren't these lovely??

Carol's fabric came at just the right time.

I need some sewing therapy today.
You know what???
I think that's ONE really good thing about UFO's.
They're RIGHT there waiting...
Waiting for that moment when we NEED to sew.
The decisions (pattern, color, etc.) have been made....
Maybe some of the pieces have even been CUT!
All we need to do is SIT down and


  1. Love the top block with the extra pretty nail on each "hand"!

  2. Ooh, you make me want to create one of those!! Lovely work.

  3. I'm dreaming of getting some crafting time today...What to work on...Oh yes, I have a project I need to do. But is it the one I'll choose?? ;)

  4. I love this top so much! Somehow I had missed it until Rachael Daisy brought it to my attention. Didn't realize it is all vintage fabrics -- even better!

  5. I am loving this Bear's Paw quilt, Beth. I have it on my bucket list too. :)

  6. I love these blocks! And I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt come together.

  7. I've always loved bears paw - yours is wonderful and scrappy

  8. Gee whiz! You just breeze through the projects! I love that fabric!