Sunday, November 15, 2020

Monday Making

No. It's not spring here.
Is it there where you are?

It's time to be thinking winter. snow. ice.

But I'm over here making spring flowers.

What are YOU making?

The flowers will be used in a future table mat.
I make a few small quilts (table mats)
for a yearly retreat.
We'll see if there will BE a retreat next year!

Looks as though it may be cancelled again.
I will continue to make quilts!!!
Pandemics can't stop THAT from happening.

Thank. goodness.


  1. What a sight for these eyes that are sick of the cold and dark already. It's looking like it is going to be a LONG winter...

  2. I think anything that makes you happy and warms the soul - go for it.

  3. The spring flowers are pretty and makes me happy - its a good time!

  4. No snow talk, please! I like your spring flowers! In fact, I saw several fabrics that I actually own. Eventually I'll get back to work on my 30s fabrics and will share but for now I'll be working on things that have some deadlines...even if only in my head! Enjoy your week.

  5. As long as you stay busy and keep sewing then it doesn't matter what you create in the end - just keep being productive and stay happy, safe and warm :)

  6. Good for you Beth! I'd rather be thinking of spring too! Take care.


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