Sunday, November 22, 2020

Monday Making

I am exploring the King's Cross quilt block....

inspired by this OLD quilt.

It's good for me to get my brain cells  moving
as I try to figure out the quilt block.

I found some tutorials for a 12" block.....
But I wanted a smaller version.

I posted a youtube tutorial HERE.

I'm also working on some applique borders.
The hospital sketches quilt needed a little more "something"...
so I'm enjoying some slow stitching and
 adding a little more applique to the quilt.

What are YOU making this week?


  1. The King’s Cross block looks interesting! And your appliqué is just lovely!

  2. Love your applique. I've made a couple 6" kings crossing blocks for my 3030 quilt. It's a lovely pattern. Happy stitching!

  3. Beautiful border in the works. Love the muted color palette for the King's Cross block. You've got some very fun projects in the works. Happy stitching this week.

  4. I adore your King's Cross! Old quilts can be the best inspiration, can't they?! And your applique border is really going to push that Hospital Sketches quilt over the top and into the realm of Quilty Awesomeness!

  5. This is awesome!!! I love those colors and it looks so antiquey!! Great job!

  6. That’s a great block. The slow stitching appliqué looks like a perfect way to spend your time.

  7. I've gotten to the point that I automatically try to parse block construction. The soft vintage pink/green combination is lovely. The applique will be a wonderful frame for the sampler quilt.

  8. How small did you make your blocks? They really have a 30s vibe --- or at least what I think 30s repro fabrics look like! I like the border you are working on. Do you start with the size fabric needed for one border and then come up with ideas of what to appliqué? I have some blocks that I need to move on with -- I think I still need a few more blocks made and then a border ... yea, I'm avoiding the whole quilt!

  9. King's Cross is a beautiful block. And working out that border applique which is perfect would have been a challenge. Kudos to you, Beth. I will check out your video. Thanks!

  10. Hi,
    Your King's Cross quilt is beautiful! Love the color
    combo...have a great day!

  11. The King's Cross is a neat block and your layout with the alternating plain squares leaves a lot of open space to do some nifty quilting if you want to. I've started looking at that sort of thing more than I used to. Since getting a long arm I'm looking at quilting in a new light rather than just stippling everything. I do still like stippling. It's a great way to hold a quilt together and to keep the pieces from coming apart, especially if a quilt is going to be used hard. Still, I am finding myself drawn to hearts, flowers, and feathers...not that I have yet developed the skill to do them...but I will one of these days.

    Your appliqué is beautiful. I've never done much appliqué but have been thinking about doing some. I have a pattern book with a lot of pretty floral appliqué block patterns. I've been thinking of delving into that with some pretty reproduction type prints/thimbleberry type colors. Deep greens, deep golds, deep rusts, deep browns, deep blue, deep rose, that general color scheme. That said, I need to finish something else and clean a bin so I have a place to store that project.

    Thanks for hosting the linkup. It's fun to come by and see what you're working on and to drop by other blogs and see what their authors are working on too.

    Laurie at Laurie's Place

  12. Always fun to see what you have been up to! This week I've been cutting strips of fabric in 3 widths to be available for a small challenge quilt I'd like to make, and then have leftovers ready for when it is time to play and I don't want to haul out the big fabric bins to do so. I also made cinnamon rolls today, and 2 loaves of bread. I was going to bake part of a turkey today but it was still frozen, and needs to be cut in half to fit in our little tin house oven! (ah, the joys of RV living!)


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