Sunday, October 7, 2018

Monday Making

This week I will attempt to make progress on this old UFO
handed down to me.

The 16 dresden plates were sewn together...
but had not been appliqued.
I have finished six and today I was able to play around with CIRCLES.

What color will I use??
I also did some mock ups with some border strips.

Lots of quilty thinking ahead. 
My FAVORITE kind of think to THINK!

I am using 12" background squares.
A variety.

I fold them in half twice and press.

Then I center the dresden plate
and use a BIG stitch on my machine 
to baste it down.
Just two lines.
It's been working just fine.

I am doing needle turn applique all the way around the outside.

I will THEN go back and add the centers 
when I decide what color(s) I will choose.

I kind of like the mix of GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW
I have chosen so far!
What are YOU making???


  1. The Dresdens are so pretty, this is going to be a lovely quilt.

  2. Scrappy backgrounds are one of my favorites. The quilt will tell you what colors to use for circles. Regardless, you can't go wrong with your vintage fabrics.

  3. How lucky are you to be gifted such lovely Dresden blocks. They are going to make a beautiful quilt.

  4. Very pretty Dresden plate blocks. They have a very nice vintage vibe going on.

  5. Dresdens are right up there in my top 5 favorite designs. Very pretty.

  6. One day I'm going to make some dresdens! Love where you are taking yours!

  7. The floral sprig backgroun adds a nice pop to the pretty Dresdens. (More interesting than solid or tone-on-tone.)

  8. Ooh, what a great looking project! Your fabrics are just yummy.:)

  9. Those look so nice, Beth. How is your son doing?

    1. Thank you Mary. My son is on the mend. "One day at a time" is my motto. He's using a walker and making progress every day.

  10. I like the multi colored circles. So fun and pretty.

  11. Love your quilt. I have some dresdens a friend gave me. I need to get them done.

  12. Making dresdons is pretty fun. Enjoy!

  13. What great fabrics in the Dresdens. I like the mix of colors too.

  14. You have such a good eye! Thanks also for the simple explanations of what you're doing - makes me think I could handle Dresden plates sometime. . .

  15. What a great project to work on. I like working on older quilts -- especially if I can give them back to a customer. It sounds like you have got the process down. Enjoy your stitching time.


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