Sunday, September 30, 2018

Monday Making

I made a simple quilt this week.

A quilt FULL of scrappy strips is a favorite of mine.

I did add some bigger chunks....
just because.

Some of these scraps go WAY back.

I ran out of the blue binding fabric and 
absolutely LOVE the yellow blue stripey addition there!

I broke one of my sewing "personal challenges"
and BOUGHT backing fabric!!

Isn't it cute???

I was tempted to buy a lot more!
I also finished this quilt this week.

After mending it
and quilting it
and binding it...
I have given myself an honorary degree.
HARD WON, mind you.

Some of you read last week's post.
I did NOT end up appliqueing the open seams.
I ripped a little and sewed a little
and fretted a lot.)

You can now refer to me as.....


This honorary degree is given after
many hours of repair using specialized equipment.
(seam ripper, scissors, sewing machine, needles, etc.)
It is earned after at least 5 quilts are
mended in a satisfactory way.
Satisfactory requirements state that the quilt must be USABLE.

These quilts never are quite right in the end.

Just like broken body parts...
there are scars.

But....they WORK
and they look ALMOST just right.

I have mended quilts like this at least 5 times...
so I consider myself to have earned this
AWESOME degree!!!

I'm OFF to order a wooden sign.
I will have my new LOGO engraved on it
and it will hang PROUDLY at my front door.


what are YOU making this week???


  1. That simple quilt is just lovely, such fun and happiness, a smiler for sure.

  2. Hi, Beth, I'm not sure why my pic didn't show up but if you want to delete my link then I'll try it again. Thanks.

  3. Lovely quilts. Buying backing fabric is not cheating :)


  4. Congrats on a very fun finish and on your new honorary degree!

  5. That backing fabric fits perfect with all the other pieces on the front. Well done Doctor Beth on your recent qualification :)

  6. Both of these quilts are great. I too love the striped binding and the surprise bigger pieces in the quilt. Your quilts can now show their scars as they boast of their exploits. Congratulations on your degree. Should we call you Dr. Beth now?

  7. The blues and greens of your scrap bars quilt are so calming!

  8. Love both your quilts Dr Beth! Really, I don't see how you could have resisted that backing fabric - it's perfect!

  9. Congratulations on the new degree. You definitely earned it! And, every once and a while you need to give yourself a present aka buying backing fabric!

  10. It seems your new sign should read Dr. Beth on call. The colors in these quilts make me happy. Blue is one of my favorite colors. I say one of because, really I love them all. Blue moves me in a very good way.

    1. Yes! I love your sign idea! I will definitely add the "on call" to my sign.

  11. love your strippy!! I bet every fabric brings back a memory

  12. Glad to hear you were able to repair your daughters quilt Dr, lol. It's a beautiful quilt and I still love the fabrics. Your scrap quilt looks great too. Thank you for the linky party.

  13. This is really beautiful. I can understand how much efforts you put for creating it.I love the fact that I’ve never seen something creative like that before.

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  14. I'm kinda behind on blog reading but better late than never! Good for you for earning your doctorate! :D Finishes are the BEST!! Ya can't use 'em if you don't finish'em. Right? Your scrappy quilt AND the bluish one are both ones I would absolutely use!


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