Sunday, September 23, 2018

Monday Making

Thank you for ALL your sweet notes of encouragement
and CARE this week!
My son had surgery Wednesday and it looks like 
after time heals his leg....he'll be as good as new.
Actually....he'll be Titanium strong!!!
He is teased by friends that he'll be SUPER HERO material!!!

This week, as I help him with this and that....
I'll be repairing this quilt.

My daughter put it together...
but found that some of the seams split open.
Any of you quilters know why???


Some of those seams just weren't quite 1/4"

Instead of taking it ALL apart...
I am going to applique seam binding or
packaged bias tape on the seams 
that need attention.

I LOVE her quilt
and am so happy to give a little help in getting it

I love DONE....don't you????

What are YOU making this week???


  1. Oh that is a great idea--I have some seams on my and my hubby's lap quilts that have separated....that is really a pretty quilt--i love the colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. Glad to hear that your son is on the mend. Pretty quilt, but what is 'seam binding' please?

    1. Bias tape and seam binding come in packages. Either one could be used for this project, I think.

  3. Pretty quilt, and I have scraps of 2 of the blues in my stash LOL. As to the seams, it could be that when she sewed it, the tension was messed up, and the thread did not link together to hold the seams (ask me how I know this) or she might have sewed too close to the edge of the fabric and it pulled apart. Glad you son is going to be OK.

  4. Glad your son will be "new and improved" once he heals. That had to be scary. Your daughters quilt is beautiful, love the colors she used. Happy stitching this week.

  5. I'm happy for your son, he will get better soon now. Beautiful quilt, love the colors!

  6. Titanium strong is good! Glad he will be fine in the end, Beth. Have fun with all the "repairs" going on there.

  7. It's a pretty quilt, and you're a generous mom to take on the task of mending it. Glad your son is going to be okay. Mine went through the "titanium strong" stage right before high school graduation. Never an event you actually want to deal with, but it all turned out fine in the end. Hope your son's does too.

  8. I am so happy your son is recovering. The quilt is great, and I hope the repairs go well.

  9. So sorry, I made a booboo. For some reason I made two entries and the first one links to your blog! I had copied and pasted to my blog for the link and didn't change it. It won't let me delete it!

  10. Yep, done is good. Great news about your son's healing progress. What an ordeal.

  11. Applique is a great way to mend that lovely quilt. I have a few of those skimpy seams in my history too :)

  12. She did a great job with her fabric choice and design. Well wishing being sent for your son. Thank you for the linky party.

  13. Such good news for your son. Hopefully, being young, he will heal fast. Meanwhile, such a pretty quilt with marvelous piecing.

  14. I like that quilt, too.l The colors go so well together.

  15. I am glad to hear that your son's surgery went well. I love your daughter's quilt, especially the color choices, and her use of stripes.

  16. So good that your som is recovering. What a beautiful quilt, and so good you can repair it. I think it is a good idea using seam binding or bias tape. :-)

  17. Sending best wishes to the Titanium Man!!!


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