Thursday, April 14, 2016

Purple Please

A quilt is NOT a quilt until it's quilted....
and the binding is ON!!

I can NOW say.....'
These are QUILTS.
In the sewing realm...
binding seems to be ALL that I accomplished this week.

These are graduation quilts for two girls who requested Purple.

I wasn't sewing a whole lot...
but I WAS cooking.
I found a scrumptious recipe
in the Weeknights with Giada cookbook
borrowed from the library.
Aren't library books FUN????

It's called tomato-basil bread pudding.


 it's day old bread, shallots, fresh basil, tomatoes, 
salt/pepper, cheese (parmesan), garlic and
and egg/milk mixture.

Does anyone else knit as they eat??
Or is it...
Eat while you knit???
(I'm trying to knit a vest for my 12 year old)

I realized as I was writing this post...
that my quilted an knit projects MATCH!!!

I do NOT do much with purple....
but I guess this week I DID!


  1. Purple kinda creeps in if you let it, LOL! Happy finishes on those two graduation quilts! You are so good to do that for your community!

  2. Great finishes!! and nope - I don't eat as I knit, cuz I don't know how to knit! ha ha .... but I might snack while I am piecing sometimes

  3. Funny how we do that, get in a little groove with our color choices and don't even realize it! Great to have two new finishes!

  4. Ive begun to take my knitting with me to places I have to go...It almost came out as we were waiting at Steak and Shake for breakfast. If the hubby can read the paper, I can surely knit!

  5. Beautiful finishes! I love purple, but it certainly doesn't go in my house.


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