Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monday Making

What are you making this week??

I'm getting to the very end of a small vest for my 12 year old.
The pattern was written for a one skein shrug...
but I found lots of knitters had lengthened it
and made it more of a vest.

The pattern is HERE.
A whopping 1439 people have made it! 

I'd LOVE to be quilting...!!!
but life has me away from home more frequently these days.

Knitting is so much easier to manage.

Link up and share any creative pursuit.


  1. I love that vest! Your qirl will be happy to wear it!

  2. very cute vest....that was my very favourite colour when I was 12!

  3. I really like that deep purple. It's a very cute vest.

  4. it's amazing what you can make with one skein of yarn! One long thread. LeeAnna

  5. That is a cute little vest. I like knitting small items as I can get them done in what seems like no time at all!


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