Friday, November 1, 2013

Un-finished Friday

One week AWAY from a sewing machine...
and ALL I have to show for it
are some
UNFINISHED projects!!!
Crochet projects.
Yarn travels WELL.
I gave up ONE project because I forgot the right size crochet hook.
I gave up ANOTHER project because I gave the hook to my niece.
(good reason, right?)
That stopped me in my tracks on a couple of projects.
The GOOD news is
I DID finish a couple of scarves and ALREADY gave them away!
No photo.

One week away from a  machine
and ALL I have to show for it is FABRIC!
You know...
I was NOT supposed to buy any this year.
(MY self imposed goal for the year)
the polka dots above were needed for a backing.

These flannels were spied in the discount bin.

Along with ALL of these.

I couldn't say no.

My machine BECKONS!!!

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