Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Plaids and Plans

I am NOT a planner.
Especially when it comes to QUILTS!
I frequently move ahead without knowing the end result!
I LOVE the adventure of it ALL!

I even GUESStiMATE when it comes to cutting the binding.
Do you calculate?
Most people do!
Guess I like to live DANGEROUSLY!
I find a LIKELY suspect fabric
and begin cutting.
Sometimes I GUESS correctly, like I did THIS TIME!....
and sometimes I DON'T!
"Eyeballing" is NOT an exact science.
I had that TINY leftover piece on the right
when I was done cutting the binding!

It was the perfect choice for this quilt.
I'm glad I had JUST the right amount!

I quilted this one with diagonal lines.
If you're new to quilting/sewing
It's good to note that the diagonals
are also the BIAS of the fabric.
Bias is forgiving.
It bends where you need it to bend
and lets you quilt across without too much trouble!
I've found that if I quilt STRAIGHT lines
along the straight of the grain...
the fabric sometimes wants to pucker!
I haven't tried it in a while...
MAYBE I've improved?????
When I follow the BIAS....
it PLAYS nice
and gives a little.
I need ALL the help I can GET!

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