Saturday, November 16, 2013


I thought I was all done making things for Christmas.

DO a need a couple more stockings
since the kids are finding spouses
and having babies these days.

I was dragging my feet about acquiring new stockings...
Sort of wanted them to match the ones I have
and the ones I have were knitted by a GREAT aunt.
I'll never find a match!
Then..... I went to the THRIFT store.
One of my favorite shopping destinations!

I found a Bedspread.
The fabric is called "Matelasse".
Nice and thick.
Chunky and FULL of TEXTURE.

I knew JUST what I wanted to do with that bedspread!!!

There is SO much BEDSPREAD I can make
LOTS of stockings!!!
I'll put a couple in my shop and have enough left
for ALL the kids, Grandkids,
Friends of kids.....
Friends of friends...
and everyone IN BETWEEN!!!

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