Monday, November 11, 2013

Gentle Reminder

I recently hung a quilt in my kitchen area.
Just a GENTLE reminder.

When MOM cooks you dinner...
she wants you to EAT it!
Normally it's a GENTLE reminder.
Once in a while I need to add
VOLUME and an exclamation point!!!
I had LOTS of fun making this quilt.
It began with an old white sheet.

Here are my tools:
*spray bottle with water
*acrylic paint (cheap paint from walmart)
*foam brush
*plastic bag under the fabric to protect table.
*paint palette (an old take home container)
*and the fabric

Painting fabric is easy.
For LESS defined lines
the fabric needs to be wet.

I Put some paint on my brush....

And took the PLUNGE!

The sea foam sponge adds some texture.

Here's my work area.....
Outside on the patio.

After the fabric dried
I added silverware and letters with iron-on fabric adhesive
some big stitches by hand
and BEADS!
The beads were collected
off of one of my older girls blouses
she was giving away!
Never underestimate
the value of GIVEaways!!!

I bet YOU have some ideas about
GENTLE reminders at your house too.
What would YOU make??
What would YOU say???
Just noticed!
This is my 1,000th post!
That's a LOT of talking.
That's LOT of quilting.
A LOT of listening by YOU!
Thank you dear friends!

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