Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas is coming!

I Designed a simple Christmas tree skirt this week.
Pulled the fabric.
Did some calculations.
Took LOTS of pictures.
This Christmas tree skirt was fun to make and design.
Instead of using batting in the middle.
I used just a heavy weight cotton.
This "quilt" is only TWO layers.
I ALMOST used some fleece!
I kind of like the LIGHT weight feel.
storage is always TIGHT
when it comes to all those CHRISTMAS decorations.
It won't take up much room at ALL!
 Well this is ALL I've done to prepare for the holidays.
And you know what???
I probably won't do another thing until
Thanksgiving is over and done!
I'll be scurrying around!!.....
Wondering why I WAITED!!!
 Pattern for this tree skirt is listed in my shop

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