Thursday, June 23, 2011

emergency bag

I am SO glad I had this little project bag READY!!!
You never know when you're going to NEED a hand project!
My SOMEDAY quilt got some quality time today!

Because SOMEBODY at my house loves football.
He's o.k.
They're calling it a big ol' bad BRUISE...i.e......contusion.

Anyone know why young men
or anyone else for that matter.....
likes football???
I give him a hard time about it frequently.
What makes intelligent people want to
into each other???
I just


  1. Mine played baseball and soccor and we had just as many injuries, plus broken bones (even my daughter so not just a guy thing).

  2. I believe it is the same gene that makes them love to blow things up... not quite sure what that is about! Glad he's okay... you need some chocolate in your emergency bag!

  3. Mine played football to , he has two dislocated shoulders to prove it ,he's very proud of his wounds ,go figure .

  4. My goodness is that red hair? what a cutie.
    Boys......let me know when you figure it out!
    Mine lives in Detroit and plays goalie on a hockey team!

    Happy Sewing :0) hang in there Mom.

  5. I wish I had a project bag ready for some free time. I just hope it's not in the emergency room.

  6. I don't get it either Beth. But he sure looks happy.

  7. Such a handsome young man and fascinating smile,I would forgive him anything!

  8. I keep one ready for time on the boat - much more relaxing than time in the emergency room! Glad to hear he's going to be ok....

  9. You'll think of that ER trip every time you look at that flower. :) My girls always say, boys are different! Glad your cutie is ok!

  10. I love that you thought of bringing sewing, lol!
    I hope he is doing well

  11. I'm glad he'll be fine and you had something to work on. He actually looks pretty happy about it:) I love football since I'm not the one getting trampled on the field. My girls were in gymnastics and only one broken elbow the whole time!

  12. I'm so glad he's ok, Beth! And I agree, a hand sewing project is perfect for those emergency situations!

  13. Emergency bags are a wonderful gift. I made one for a friend for her birthday this year, after she was caught in an emergency waiting room with nothing to do. I included sock yarn, needle and pattern with a paperback and a few quarters. It lives in the trunk of her car just in case.

    glad your guy is doing well. Selina

  14. What a lovely pic of a cute redhead! My son has red hair too...and is a "real" boy", we have had head injuries, closed eye injuries, broken noses, sutures, fractured goes on, he was a field hockey player. We have quilts that have names like "Lewis' broken arm quilt" at our place. But I think his broken heart was the worst injury of all! Glad yours is okay!

  15. Tell him to be more careful. And no, I don't get it either. Football is what made me take up stitching! Something to do on Sundays and still spend time with my husband. Why do we have to spend time with them and Their football and it never works the other way around? hmmmm


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