Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This little quilt top is finished!
3 1/2" squares...all lined up...
ready to be a sandwich!!!
+quilt top

I want to scallop the edges and
hand quilt this one.
Wondering what color thread I'll use.
Lime green?
I'm going to look at what I have in my stash!
I kind of like that perle cotton using a bigger stitch.
This is my next
TAKE ALONG project!
You know...
take along to the doctor...
take along to the meeting....
take along to the park.....
Hopefully no more
TAKE along to the EMERGENcy Room!!!!!

This quilt's special.
It's not every day I get to make a quilt
for the FIRST grandchild!!!


  1. Lucky baby. Do we get to vote for thread color? I vote for green.

  2. What a sweet, sweet quilt! Grandchild will love it!!

  3. YES. A lovely, sweet quilt. Beautiful job :)
    White, light green or light blue thread.

  4. So pretty! It's going to be so special with hand quilting. No more emergency rooms though! Do I need to send hair color?! Those kids!

  5. I love it. Great job on the curves. I think big stitch hand quilting will be wonderful. Selina

  6. So cute! Oh, I would go with the lime green in the purple and black and a white or black in the green. Oh a scalloped border with a crochette picotte edge - I know, shut up Sharon.

  7. What a great quilt! And congrats on the first grandbaby - I can testify, they are a lot of fun!! And I foresee lots of quilts in that grandbaby's future - I know I'm on my third for Lilli!

  8. I'm always in favor of lime. I think the new parents and grandbaby will love it.

  9. First Grandchild!!! Awesome. .. congratulations!

  10. How very exciting to make a first quilt for a first grandchild!!!! Congratulations! I say go with the lime green thread ;-)

  11. It's a perfect quilt for the first grandchild! Congratulations! I have one year in and it's the best thing ever!

  12. I love the sodt purple and greens together! You have got the curve piecing under control, the blocks look great!

  13. How wonderful. A first grandchild is so special. And what an adorable quilt. Hugs.

  14. Congratulations, Beth! This is so sweet, with the black/white dots popping! Does the color selection suggest a little girl?

  15. neat quilt.
    way cool on being a grandmother

  16. Very pretty! I like the way you combined your "challenge" colors.

  17. Its a wonderful quilt for your first grand baby! Congratulations Beth.


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