Saturday, June 25, 2011

a new beginning

A new project.
I always have so much FUN when a quilt is JUST beginning!
Don't you??

The new mommy's color choices are certainly stretching me......
(purple, lime green and brown)
So is this quilt BLOCK!!!!
Sewing that curved seam is not for the timid!!!
I've found that the center piece is too big
EVERY time I sew that little curved seam!
I'm just trimming it (squaring up the block)
after sewing it in there.
The little blocks are 3 1/2" square.

It could be I traced the template wrong.
It could be I'm awful at making things match up.
It could be many things......
I do know how to TRIM things down!
That's my secret!!!


  1. The color scheme is black, lime and purple? Wow... have to say it's pretty...

    Curved seams are a lot of "fun"...

  2. Pretty colors there!!!! I say that is a lot of curves!!!

  3. Love those colors! I'm a make-it-big-and-trim-to-the-right-size kind of gal myself :D

  4. It's good to stretch every once in awhile! I think it's going to be a very pretty quilt!

  5. They are very pretty - but 3.5" curve blocks - better you than me.

  6. Yikes I can't do curves even with that wonderful curved seam foot on my machine. Yours look great to me and the colours are so much fun. They'll keep you awake.

  7. I love the color scheme. I have been teaching myself to be patient with curves. One of these days, I will get them right.

  8. the colours are perfect....

    don't know if this tutorial can apply to what you're doing, but i discovered Claudia's tut about how to sew a circle - and it seemed clear enough to me that i might just attempt a circle......some day!!!

  9. After the first time I did some curved piecing I decided it wasn't for me. That's a pretty project you're making.

  10. this looks great. i have been thinking about a quilt in green and lavender lately so it is fun to see yours.

  11. Hey, if trimming works then that must be how it's supposed to be done, right? The blocks are turning out really cute. She must be quite a friend to rate those little curved blocks in a quilt!

  12. I like the color combo! And I'd be afraid of the curves -- you're BRAVE! Have a great day! :)

  13. The color combo is wonderful! Trimming down is such a better idea than remaking the blocks endlessly!

  14. Adorable! The colors are so cheerful they just put a bit smile on my face!

    When piecing curved seams, I always fold the pieces in half first and match and pin that center crease first. These are such small blocks trimming sounds like a good way to go!

  15. First of all - I promise with practice that curve seam will get easier - that said - when I was a young quilter I got my first commission to do a block like this - what did I do - I appliqued them all by hand LOL! I figured by the time I cut them all out - pinned them - got each one perfect -it was faster just to applique them LOL!

  16. A lovely design! My daughter would love this too - her favourite colour combination is green/purple.
    Teresa x


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