Thursday, June 30, 2011

one block

I was able to make ONE block yesterday.
Last night, actually.
This block is from the 15 minutes blog.
A quilt along using "Made" fabric.

I noticed the how-to for the new block was just posted!

I now have FOUR!
Kind of fun, huh?
I DEFINITELY have enough scraps for this project!!!
I haven't had QUITE as much time to sew.....

because I've been
into this little corner.
I was squeezed out of my daughter's room.
I had kind of squeezed her out!
I'm so thankful sewing machines are portable!!!

I'm glad she's home!
Here's a little blog about her journey home.
I was jealous the whole time she was traveling!!!
I love a GOOD CAR TRIP!!!!

Now ALL the kids that could be home are home.
I"m going to enjoy every minute of it!!!
Because I know....
that ALL the kids that are home...
won't be home much longer!!!!


  1. Beautiful blocks!!! Enjoy the time with them as they WILL be gone in the blink of an eye.

  2. I Just love your blocks. They are simply stunning.
    Patti xxx

  3. Hi Beth - I couldn't resist hopping over to your daughter's blog - and all I can say is, I am impressed! What a wonderful journey she has just completed - and by journey, I don't just mean the driving part. This is something she will never forget, and how neat to have the blog as part of that memory. I only read a little part of it, but being from Minnesota, I love that she liked it! We lived for a year in Alexandria, "up north", near her aunt. Thanks so much for sharing this treasure!

  4. Love how your 15 Minutes Play blocks are turning out. I'm hoping to make the newest one today. Aren't these blocks fun? Hugs

  5. They are beautiful, both daughter and blocks!

  6. Great blocks, but best of all children are home. Glad you are enjoying son is home for uni break and I am just loving it!

  7. you've raised her well....
    love the blocks!!
    as always,

  8. Beth...IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!! I have been trying to catch up on 4 days worth of blogs, and got to this post, when little guy saw the photo of your daughter which he insisted was his sister then we had to spend the next however long looking at photos of his sis, and his brother, and his dad...and I am just now getting back to the blogs 3 hours later. And won't get them done as it is time to go feed him. LOL, I'd rather spend time with baby so thanks for giving him and I a great morning even if I didn't get caught up!


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